Rating Scale (0-4)

My Ratings: States my overall rating of the movie. 

Here is a run down of my moving rating scale.  It is based on my Dad's scale and how my family has been rating movies ever since my Dad started using it.  I have also added a plus or minus to the scale just in case I feel it applies.

(4) Fabulous movie, would recommend it to anyone as movie everyone should see
(3) Good/Great movie, that is recommend across the board
(2) Okay movie, would recommend it to people who like the general type of movie
(1) Bad movie, but has some positives
(0) Not worth watching/though about walking out (my Dad would walk out of this one

(+) Think it has more merits then the number but no enough to raise a full number
(-) Liked the general idea but not worth the solid number
My Nostalgic Rating: How it relates to my past

Growing up I loved movies and watched lots of them, some of them over and over and over again.  As I rewatch these movies, it strikes a cord with me about my enjoyment, terror, or overall experience of what I thought about the movie.  Sometimes there are stories attached, sometimes it was just my childhood self.
If there is a 0-4 rating on this, it means that although I recognize that the movie is not that grate, due to my connection to the movie, i have a biased rating for it.  That is what this rating incorporates.

My Hold Up Rating: The test of time

Some movies just do not hold up to the test of time and are ridiculous in terms of special effects, CGI, technologies, cultural or societal dynamics, make-up etc. This area looks at how I feel the older dynamics of the film or the technologies within the film or used to make the film hold up. Some movies hit the nostalgic factor but miss the hold up factor, but sometimes they do not hold up in terms of realism or what is expected now, but that it is fun because of it.

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