Saturday, January 25, 2014

I, Frankenstein (2014): Review

This weekend the most recent monster twist movie came out with I, Frankenstein and I am glad to say that it wasn't that bad.  It was released in 3D but I saw it in 2D and it worked well in that format.  Sometimes it can be quiet distracting to see the scenes that were obviously shot for the 3D effect but in this movie it didn't seem to focus on that.
I, Frankenstein is based on the graphic novel of the same name and stars Aaron Eckhart as Frankenstein's monster who takes on the name Adam in this movie.  He was created by Dr. Frankenstein in 1795 and when Dr. Frankenstein tries to destroy his creature the monster kills Frankenstein's wife and then leads to the death of the doctor himself.  Adam is sought out by Demons to learn how he came to be and discovers that there is a battle between demons (from hell) and gargoyles (from heaven). He discovers that he is wanted by the demon prince Neberiou, played by Bill Nighy, and has been brought to the knowledge of gargoyle queen Leonore, played by Miranda Otto, who doesn't know what the do with him.  Adam manages to stay out of this battle till modern day but then gets sick of being hunted by demons and decides to start hunting them himself.    He is then pulled into this battle between the demons and gargoyles and discovers that the ultimate goal of Neberious is to discover how to reanimate corpses so that he can have a army of monsters to destroy the world.  Adam is drawn to the scientist named Tara, played by Yvonne Strahovski, who is being used to discover the way to reanimate the dead.  Can Adam discover a desire to try and save the world, will Neberious be able to complete his evil plan, and can Leonore be able to protect the human race as she desires.  Also staring Jai Courtney as gargoyle warrior Gideon.
The main problem I had with this movie was how much was going on, mostly with all of the information swearing around to have it make scene.  As I was writing the blurb above I really saw how it was hard to set up the movie and plot without getting into all the details.  The details is what  sorta gum up the works and this movie falls into the pit that other movies have done where they try to explain the science of what is going on and give a lot of background information about why everything is happening.  Sometimes I think it is okay to just state what is happening and just let it be, I don't need to understand the science of how it is possible, its a monster movie, just let it be and state that there is stuff that makes it possible not explain to me that the electricity of eel was harness for a specific amount of time. I don't really care and just want to get on with the movie and what is happening in the story. Besides it being filled with too many little information details the overall movie was good and fit nicely into a PG-13 monster action movie.
This movie really goes for the PG-13 rating and it matches that style of film.  The way that they gargoyles were done and how the demons looked in the demonic form was ghoulish but not super scary.  I kept thinking that it had a very Buff the Vampire Slayer feel to it.  The production level of the movie was high, the mood of the movie was consistent throughout and nothing was too distracting.

There was a really good cast in this movie and although some of the dialogue was not award worthy, the actors did a good job, there were a lot of people given focus that ultimately were not a major force in the movie but as this is a monster movie with lots of destruction in it it fit with the overall movie.

Basically this movie was exactly what I expected it to be and standard for the movie that it was.  It is very much average but enjoyable to watch, assuming you don't get too caught up into all the attempts to explain the science and the wider scope of the battle between the light and dark.

My Rating: 2

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