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Jurassic World (2015): Review

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I absolutely loved and enjoyed this movie. It is exactly what I like in my family friendly action/blockbuster movies! I was uncertain about Jurassic World when I went into it because I haven't been that impressed with many movies this year and didn't want to be disappointed. I am a fan of Jurassic Park (1993) and the paleontologist of my youth didn't want to be let down. I was very happy to find that this movie was a bunch of fun, well paced, played up the creeping see only part of the dinosaur technique, and threw in some serious Easter Eggs.
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Although I am a fan on Jurassic Park (2013) I am not a purist and am in no way upset or offended that Jurassic World is doing its own thing and incorporating todays technology experiences, I enjoyed the nods to the original movie and I am sure that I missed a whole bunch more than what I was aware of. The science of creating a living dinosaur and the new approach to security with todays technology was able to be incorporated and it worked. I do not feel like it is a movie having to conform or loses its charm due to not working in the current cultural landscape.
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Jurassic World continued along the timeline of Jurassic Park and finds us twenty two years after the events from the first movie. The island that was at one time Jurassic Park has been remade into Jurassic World. It is a dinosaur attraction for the modern audience. It is looking for ways to stay exciting and draw in todays kids who don't just want a normal dinosaur anymore. They want bigger, scarier. Clair, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is in charge of running Jurassic World and has her nephews Zack, played by Nick Robinson, and Gray, played by Ty Simpkins coming to spend the weekend with her. While she is engulfed with the running of the park and preparing for the release of a genetically engineered hybrid dinosaur called the Indominus Rex, the kids go off to enjoy the rides/ attractions (AKA put themselves in peril). When there is some concern about the Indominus Rex, Clair reluctantly involved Owen, played by Chris Pratt, who is on the island studying and training Velociraptor.  As this is a Jurassic Park movie, things do not go according to plan and the Indominus Rex escapes and goes on a rampage. 
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This movie hit all of the bits that I love in a family friendly action movie. It has science which calls to my younger self; dinosaurs which are just plain awesome; good interplay and chemistry between the adults leads with the guy being strong, capable, but also having a bit of rogue flair; changing types of action sequences; being well paced; and having thing get destroyed.
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With this movie, I have officially decided that I am a HUGH Chris Pratt fan. I think that he has emerged as a fun action hero and I look forward to crushing on him for years to come. He has the acting ability and charisma that makes him a joy to watch. Bruce Dallas Howard is good as Clare although at times I get tired of her same facial expressions. The supporting cast was very good and although there is no real character fleshing out or development, I do not go to this type of blockbuster for character development. I go for a fun experience that I want to enjoy again and again. The cast is rounded out with Vincent D'Onofrio as Hoskins, a military man who wants to use the raptors as soldiers; Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus who play control workers and add some comedy; Irrfan Khan who plays Simon Masrrani the billionaire owner of the park who wants to scare the kids with the new dinosaur; and BD Wong who plays Dr. Henry Wu, the only returning cast member from Jurassic Park and the doctor in charge of creating the dinosaurs.
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I would recommend this movie to most people but if you are not someone who is able to suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the journey this movie is not for you. It puts the effort into making itself an enjoyable movie, gives you enough plot to keep it going, throws in some family drama (which isn't really necessary and could have been left out), and pulls you along. It is one of my favorite movies so far this year.
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I liked the combination of CGI and animatronics to create there dinosaurs. And it managed to not make it distracting which is one of my biggest gripes about CGI. It needs to be used in a way that blends in with the movie and you believe what is happening, not pull me out of the experience. Although there were some moments of close up fighting scenes (which I don't like) there was a lot of scope shots to balance it out, this showed the scope of the island, the part, and the dinosaurs. It was an all around solid movie and fun time. I cant wait to go see if it holds up to another viewing!

My Rating: 3+

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