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The Accountant (2016): Review

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This weekend I went to see Ben Affleck's new movie The Accountant and I am happy to say this is the kind of intrigue action movie that I love to watch and watch again. It has action and fight/ gun sequences but focuses more of the characters and what brings them to this point of convergence with each other. The cast overall was fantastic and although I didn't really have the emotional connection I think the movie was going for with all the characters, this is one of the best non big blockbuster movie I have seen in a while that I can't wait to go and watch again.
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The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as Chris Wolff (aka The Accountant) and is several storylines woven into one but with the lynch pin being Wolff. There is the flashbacks of Chris and his upbringing as a high function autistic boy who his father is trying to train to exist in a hard world that will not make things easy for him; there is the current accountant storyline were he is brought in as a contractor by Lamar Black, played by John Lithgow, to analyze the books at his company where Dana Cummings, played by Anna Kendrick, discovered a discrepancy in the books. There is also Director Ray King, played by J.K. Simmons, who with the help of Marybeth Medina, played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson, who  is working to hunt down this mysterious account before he retires as Director. The cast also consists of Brax, played by Jon Bernthal, who is put at odds with Wolff, and Francis, played by Jeffery Tambor who is a mentor to Chris when he is young man.
Although this movie has several different storylines that are weaved together I think it does a great job of bringing them together and spending an adequate amount of time on each one. There is a push for us to care about several of the characters and their relationships and I get what there are doing about them but the one I really connect with is Francis and Chris and would have loved to have more of this.  Anna's Kendrick's Dana is the only one who I feel could have used more in the move, as she was not consistently used in the film and there are times where it goes quite a while without using her and thing bringing her in. She seemed to be pulled in when there needed to be movement in the story and to show that Wolff was trying to connect with others when he could.
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Overall all of the actors were well cast and I really enjoyed the movie. There were a few things that were obvious about how it would end up but this didn't detour anything from the movie for me because I still was interested in how the movie would wrap it up. It ended as if this could have been the set up for a series of movie and I would gladly watch the sequel.
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The cinematography and how the movie was shot was not distracting and worked with the overall tone of the movie. It was consistent for me and the only thing that I found distracting was something that I will continue to complain about until filmmakers stop it, is the very last fight sequence had too much close up camera work, I want the cameras to back up and let me see what is happening, not use jump editing to make it look exciting.  The pacing was good and it falls more into the category of some of the movies I have liked in the last few years with a slower pace to the story and the action and just builds up to bringing everything together.

I really enjoyed the movie and look forward to seeing it again.

My Rating: 3+

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