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The Disaster Artist (2017): Review

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***There are spoilers, so be warned***

For being based on the making of one of the best bad movies, The Disaster Artist was absolutely fantastic and brilliantly done.  I first heard about "The Room" (2003) several years ago and how it is just one of those movies that is so bad, its good, and as soon as I learned about it I had to go and watch it. Although I am not one of the hard core fans (spoons), I do have an appreciation for it and get a kick out of all the iconic scenes. When I discovered that James Franco was creating a movie about the making of "The Room" I was intrigued and interested but it wasn't until I saw the first teaser trailer and saw James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, that I got really excited and couldn't wait to watch it.  I would have seen it sooner if there was a showing closer to where I live but I was able to get to the first screening in my area and it was absolutely worth it. The Disaster Artist exceeded my hopes and expectations. There were a few things that could be better but overall it was amazing. I think anyone who had an appreciation or joy for "The Room" will really enjoy this movie and should definitely see it.

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The Disaster Artist, is based on the making of the 2003 movie "The Room" and on the 2013 book of the same name, written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. Dave Franco plays the part of Greg who meets Tommy in an acting class where they share the dream of wanting to act in movies and be stars.  They befriend each other and due to their shared dream of being actors in LA they move and try to become big stars.  When he continuously gets shut down and told that he wont make it in Hollywood or that he could only be the villain Tommy decides to write, direct, produce, fund and star in his own movie which he titles "The Room." The movie follows the struggles of making the movie and the strain put on the friendship between Tommy and Greg due to Tommy eccentricities and enigmaticness. It continues to follow Greg and Tommy through the premiere of "The Room." Also staring: Seth Rogan, Ari Graynor, Jackie Weaver, Paul Scheer, Josh Hutcherson, and Zef Effron.

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Overall, the acting and casting of this movie is fantastic. They are bad when they are suppose to be bad and great when they are not needing to be showing "bad acting."   The movie goes from following Tommy and Greg, to showing the filming of iconic scenes of the movie, to the ending when it premiers and the are showing the reactions to the movie. James Franco is absolutely phenomenal as Tommy Wiseau.  He just becomes the character and although he is suppose to be this person who is so out there and that people react to this quality about him, Franco didn't take it too far and I could see how he was not just making a mockery of what he was doing as he has done in other movies. I could see the care that the cast was taking to try and find the correct balance between the ridiculousness and "badness" of the movie (with in the movie) they are making but not going to the point where it is just a parody or going for all the laughs they can et.  The Disaster Artist is a serious movie it just happens to be about someone and something that has cult status for how "bad" or "enigmatic" it is. 

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I hate to say it because as a whole this movie has few things that I can truly critique as not fantastic, but Dave Franco as Greg was the weakest link.  He was in no way bad, it is just compared to his brother and how absolutely perfect he was as Tommy, Greg's interpretation just didn't feel as all encompassing. I could see Dave Franco acting and the charming characteristic or idiosyncrasies that have been a part of his previous performances (and his personality) come through at times. The scenes where he is on his own or the focus is more on him (especially in the middle of the movie) shows this with. It is just the feeling gotten from him, like he has a twinkle in his eye as he is acting. When he is playing off of others it is not as obvious and he still goes a good job overall.  Also I didn't care for how they did his beard and hair in the movie, if it was more of a dead ringer for how Marks (Greg's role in "The Room") it wouldn't have bothered me as much, I just didn't like it, it looked bad to the point of  being a little distracting. The main focus of the movie is more on Greg and I would have preferred it to be more about Tommy but I can understand with him being a person that doesn't share about his past (age, place of birth, and where his money comes from) I can understand this choice.

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The cinematography and how The Disaster Artist is shot is great. The pacing is almost perfect. There were a few parts in the beginning that could have moved forward a bit faster but this doesn't really take away from the overall experience. I liked the combination of and how they showed the film making process of the movie within the movie and the little comments of the others helping to make and act in the movie. 

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Although you probably don't have to have seen "The Room" to enjoy The Disaster Artist and it stands up on its own with not just expecting you to know what it going on and giving enough info about the scenes and they are being shot or at least the set up, having an understanding of the plot of "The Room" and the different characters in it adds to the enjoyment and expectation when watching The Disaster Artist.  There were times when I found myself getting excited and anticipating moments that were coming and then really enjoying them when they actually happened. It is strange to actually have this done in a great way and I was not left feeling dissatisfied or let down that it didn't meet my expectations or wants.  It was a great move going experiences especially as everyone in the theatre with me seemed to enjoy it and were laughing along with me.

I didn't like how they had people at the beginning of the movie say things about Tommy or "The Room."  I think it just adds some blah before the actually movie started. I think it would have been more successful at the end of the movie.

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Right before the credits they show a split screen of different iconic scenes from "The Room" and the remade scenes in The Disaster Artist. Some of these have been released as promotional material but they were still really great to see and I hope there are even more when the Blu-ray is released.

Althought this movie was fantastic and I loved it, I would not recommend it to everyone. Because of the cult status of "The Room" I would not recommend the movie to someone who didn't find the trailers interesting or doesn't enjoy its so bad its good.

My Rating: 4-

P.S.  You want to stay though the end of the credits as their is an extra post credit scene.

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