Saturday, November 30, 2013

Frozen (2013): Review

I have been excitedly waiting for the new Disney animated movie Frozen to come out and I am super excited that I absolutely loved it. It was a lot of fun to watch, with the standard Disney songs, humorous characters, and those who are not exactly as they appear to be.  All the kids around me seemed to like it and this movie isn't just for the little girls although it is another Disney princess movie.
Frozen is ultimately a story about two very different two sisters, Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, who has a magic ability to freeze what is around her, and her little sister Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell. As  the little daughters of the King they used to play together with Anna loving her sister using her powers to create a winter wonderland, but one night things go wrong and Anna is accidently hit in the head by Elsa's power.  The family goes to the local rock trolls and because Anna was hit in the head and not the heart he is able to save her but not without wiping her memory of her sister's power.  It is decided that Elsa is dangerous and that she has to learn to conceal her power from the world and her sister.  Elsa is kept away where she struggles to control her power.  When the princesses are older, the King and Queen suddenly die and Elsa and Anna are left alone, Elsa to try and keep those around her safe from her power, and Anna feeling more alone then ever.  Three years later, it is Elsa's coronation day and the palace is being opened up for a festival of the coronation with Anna escaping the caste and meets Prince Hanz, voiced by Santino Fontana, and falling in love. That day all Elsa is doing is trying to keep herself under control but that snaps when Anna asks for Elsa's blessing to marry Hanz a man she met that day. Elsa denies her blessing and approval and when Anna keeps pushing her Elsa is unable to control her power and winter busts forth from her as she runs away to hid on a mountain.  Anna is determined to find her sister and along the way meets an ice merchant named Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Geoff,  and an animated snowman named Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad. Can Anna make it to her sister before those trying to destroyer do and can she find a way to save herself and the kingdom from being destroyed by her sister's winter.

I absolutely loved this movie and am looking forward to seeing it again with my mom and sister (they were busy this weekend and I didn't want to wait).  This movie is good to see by the whole family, as is something I recommend seeing.  The story being focused on the two sisters with the other characters around them is great and for me I was drawn into the struggle of Elsa and really felt for her and she accidently hurt her sister, struggles to shut her powers in, failing because you cannot suppress your emotions in the long term, and not knowing what to do when she is overwhelmed by everything and just wanting to find out who she is and Anna a girl who doesn't understand why she lost her relationship with her older sister and only wants to be loved by those around her because she loves so intensely herself. 
There are two different princesses for the little girls to like and I expect that many Frozen gifts will be on the Christmas list this year, and for the younger boys their Olaf, who the young man (around 8 years old) who was sitting next to me during the movie just had to tell me was his favorite character after the movie ended and who laughed at his antics throughout the movie.  This movie has some stuff in it but never really get that scary so it should be fine for littler kids who are just big enough to go and sit through the whole movie. 
The story sucked me in from the get go and there were several times where I felt for the characters and how they were struggling with everything around them, this movie really got me to emotionally connect and there were enough moments of humor and fun that it kept it from getting really sappy dappy. The story was a bit simple in actually content and a few characters where just kept as their superficially shells but there was some hidden agenda's and attempts at being diabolical by some of them.
This movie was really beautiful to watch and the landscapes of the snow, with the mountains and the sky were amazing to look at.  It is amazing what is now capable with all of the technology and computers out there.  I went to see it in 3D but there was nothing that really stuck out to me as 3D as I watched it, so that means either it is unnecessary to see it in 3D or so seemly that it blends in.  But because I didn't really notice anything special about the 3D I think that the extra price isn't really worth it.
Basically I just recommend seeing this movie and foresee it become one of my animated favorites and staples that I watch.

My Rating: 3+

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