Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pacific Rim (2013): Official Trailer #4

Tomorrow is the official release of the new movie Pacific Rim, see the official trailer # 4 below

The mid summer blockbuster is being released this weekend and although I am planning to see it, based on the trailers it seems like it is basically a movie slapped together to have huge robots fight huge aliens.  With a spring full of big blockbusters and action movies, I am interested to see where this one falls.  Since it was not released around any specific date I don't know how confident I am in it, but hopefully it will just focus on the action without overdoing it like other movies this summer.  Anyway with a saturated market lets see what it has to offer and if it can separate itself from the pack.
This trailer focuses on the two individuals who are connect with the robots to fight the aliens and how it is important that shows us the archetype of the follow warrior needed to come back because of the skills and need to be the good person that he really is.
Who is excited for this movie and plans to see it?

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