Saturday, July 20, 2013

R.I.P.D (2013): Review

The second movie that I saw in my double feature was the new Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds movie R.I.P.D and although there were some fun parts overall this one was a stinker.  I have to give it some props as there were no parts that I got upset at or pissed me off but it was a total stinker.
R.I.P.D. stands for Rest in Peace Department and after cop Nick, played by Ryan Reynolds is killed by his partner Hayes, played by Kevin Bacon he is drafted into the R.I.P.D department as a type of purgatory to try and keep the world for the living.  He is pared up with Roy, played by Jeff Bridges who reluctantly shows him the ropes.  Basically it is their job to capture the dead who refuse to leave called Deados (pronounced dead-o), they need to do this because they cause negativity in the world.  A plot is discovered that some of the Deados are working to take over the world for themselves and it is up to Roy and Nick to stop it.
This movie is not worth watching in the movies theater and is a watch on television is nothing else is on kind of movie, and this is kinda a bummer for me because I actually liked how they used 3D in this movie.  I know, I tend to not like 3D movies and think that it is overrated technique but it worked well in this movie.  It went with giving things a floating and dimensional feel that I really liked and although some of it was CGI it was not blatantly obvious or jarring like some other films that have come out recently.
Jeff Bridges was fun and I bough him in this character and I liked the play between him and Proctor, played by Mary-Louise Parker.  Ryan Reynolds really needs to work on making a good movie and picking a good role. He did not capture his usually charm in this movie and I really didn't care much about him, he needs to dial back into his charm as I am starting to get annoyed with him to the point where his attractiveness is trumped by this.
This movie was appropriate for families and not that scary so if younger tweens want to see it it wouldn't be that bad.

My Rating: 1

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