Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pitch Black (2000): Review

After watching Riddick (2013) earlier today with my dad and brother I decided that I wanted to go back and watch the original in the series Pitch Black (2000) as I had never seen it before and I liked Riddick enough to see the original and better rated of the films.  With Riddick as a baseline I was prepared for the over acting and low budget and was expecting an action movie that I would watch on cable and that is what I got.  I liked the movie and it is something that I would watch again if it came out on television and is worth watching if you like your standard run of the mil low budget action movie.
Pitch Black stars Vin Disel as Richard B. Riddick who is an escaped convict who is being transported back on a spaceship that has forty passages being kept in some type of status. He is being watched by bounty hunter William J. Johns, played by Cole Hauser.  This spaceship crash lands on a planet where the survivors include pilot Carolyn Fry, played by Radha Mitchell,  an orphan Jack, played by Rhiana Griffith, and Abu "Iman" al-Walid, played by Keith David, and others. They discover that they are on a planet in a solar system with two suns that has a seemly deserted mining complex, but that there are also creatures who live in the dark that would love to kill them.  They work to try and get a ship fly ready, while not quiet trusting each other, and trying not to die, especially when their is an eclipse coming that will  put the world into darkness. 
I think that this movie is pretty solid for what it is.  A stranded but have to get off of a alien planet with scary creatures trying to kill you and a group of people with their own secrets.  I think that for the budget that it was and being made in 2000 the graphics are fine but the coloring of the planet in the daytime is a bit weird.  This may be due to watching it on a HD television when it is a 2000 movie release.  The acting was a little much but Vin Disel was alright in it.  I think that he was still natural enough on screen that the acting didn't seem as forced as in Riddick (2013).
Basically this is definitely worth a watch or re-watch if you have a few hours to fill.

My Rating: 2+

My Hold up Rating: Fair- the graphics are a bit poor but it was low budget and doesn't really try to do more then it was able to do.

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