Sunday, September 8, 2013

Riddick (2013): Review

This morning I went to see the new Vin Disel movie Riddick and for me overall this movie was just basic crappy action movie and therefore wasn't as bad as I was expecting. But I really wasn't expecting anything spectacular anyway so all it really needed to do was not piss me off and it managed to not do that so overall it was worth the am movie ticket price I paid, but for many people it is just worth an on cable television viewing.
Riddick is the third movie (there is also a fourth animated movie) in which Vin Disel plays Richard B. Riddick a  man from the planet Furia.  This movie follows Riddick after he was left for dead on a desert like planet after being doped into thinking that he was being taken back to his home planet.  He soon discovers that there are many dangerous things on this planet and that he it would not be a good thing for him to stay there much longer so he turns the distress beacon at the way station he found and broadcasts his identify and location out.  Because he has a bounty and his previous exports two groups are interested in him. This first run group is led by Santana, played by Jordi Molla, and is a merry group of mercenary types and the second is led by Boss Johns, played by Matt Nable, and seems more military in order.  Of course they go after Riddick with their own agenda and differing styles.  Many people are killed along the way as Riddick is trying to get off the planet, others are tying to capture/kill Riddick, and the creatures on the planet out for blood.
This movie definitely earns its censorship rating of R as it is very bloody and at times gory but it has the thing that these movies like to do with unneeded female nudity.  It is mainly put in there for the male audiences, and most nudity in movies, at least in my opinion, is unneeded. In this one it was just obviously thrown in there just be there and to make one line of dialogue work.  During the second instance of nudity with Dohl's character, played by Katee Sackhoff, it was just really she would so not be topless right then.
Like I said this movie was pretty much standard crappy action movie on an alien planet movie and you could tell that it had a lower budget for CGI stuff, but the graphics were a lot better then some that I saw, so for me this wasn't a big deal.  This main thing for me was at the beginning of the movie.  It dragged on and had me thinking, if the whole movie is like this it is going to be a loooong movie.  I think it is because it was focused only on Vin Disel, who is not the best actor to begin with and really has him focusing on the presence of hey I am this tough guy who likes to make I'm a badass face and strike a strong pose to make a manly silhouette.  Once the other characters come in, the movie was fine and the interactions were normal and fine action movie on dangerous alien planet.  The ended was pretty stupid but had to be like it was because of the set up of what was coming before it.
This movie is for people who don't mind crappy action movies and I would recommend watching it once it comes our on television.

My Rating: 1+


  1. Good review Jane. While it won't win any points for being smart or anything, it did win some for being a fun, but dumb movie, and not apologizing for being so.

    1. Thanks Dan, I agree. I thought it was fun enough to go back and watch Pitch Black for the first time.