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Stargate (1994): Recap, Review, and My Story

It has been a while since I last watched the Stargate movie or any of the series and lately I had been hearing others talk about it so I decided that it was time that I went back and watched some of it.  Of course I had to start with the movie as it was the thing that kicked everything off.  If you don't know, Stargate is a 1994 movie that was turned in a television series in 1997 called Stargate: SG-1 followed by Stargate: Atlantis in 2004 and Stargate: Universe in 2009. 
My experience with Stargate happened more then several years ago now, when I was bored one day and wanted something to watch.  Since none of my DVDs seemed interesting I asked my brother if I could borrow one of his.  I decided that a television series would be more interesting because it was the middle of the day and a series would keep me busy for more then just an hour and a half.  I decided on Stargate: SG-1 as it was something that I had looked at for a while and I was really starting to get into my love of sci-fi.  Anyway, at the time I did not know that this television series was based as a continuation of a Hollywood movie so I just popped the first episode in and started watching.  I was confused to say the least as the series assumes that you have watched the movie first and know about all the set up from it.  I tried to follow it but gave up because I just had no idea what was happening.  A few days later I mentioned to my brother that I started to watch it but was confused and it said, "didn't you watch the movie first." I have to give him credit because instead of making fun of me, which he is known to do, he went and got the movie and said to watch it first as it the basis of the television show and would answer my questions.  We then watched it and I loved it.  I then watched through the first two seasons which he had on DVD then then all of the remaining ones that had come out up until that point.  Since then I became a huge Stargate fan and watched all of the SG-1 episodes and Atlantis episodes as they came out.  I tried watching Universe but only got through the first half of the first season but I didn't really like that one. Well I will see how far I will get through everything know that I am re-watching them, but I will take a while and I might still dislike Universe when I get to it.  We will see.  Anyway if you are not familiar with the movie, read on. I am hoping that they will release a twenty year edition of the movie next year.  That would be fantastic.

The movie Stargate (1994) stars James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson, a man who has been studying ancient Egypt and is brought in to help translate some hieroglyphics by an older lady who's father found an interesting artifact in Egypt in the 1920's.  He discovers that some of the glyphs represent star locations and that it is a point somewhere in the galaxy. He is then told about the Stargate and how they have been trying to get it to work and see where it would do. It turns out that it is a portal between worlds and a team is picked to go through it to see what is on the other side, he requests being on the team as he is fascinated and would hopefully be able to help the team figure out how to get back home from the other side as it is a one directional portal.  Leading the team in reinstated Air Force Colonel Jack O'Neil, played by Kurt Russel.  Jack has his own demons that he is facing and is given the mission to make sure that the earth stays safe in the worth appears dangerous.  Once through the Stargate it is discovered that they are in a desert like environment and inside a large pyramid.  The team discovers that the planet is home to a humans who live as slaves to an alien parasite who claims to be the Egyptian God Ra.  This alien is took an human host to hopefully live forever.  Daniel becomes fascinated with the local culture and how things are going, as he came through the Stargate the people think they are associated with Ra and treat them well.  Daniel is gifted a wife named Sha-uri (she is important in the beginning of the series) who Daniel forms a bond with and explains about their history and shows Daniel historical places that have more writings. During this time Ra returns and his spaceship and takes some of the soldiers hostage as well as discovers the bomb that Col. O'Neil had brought back to destroy the Stargate if it was demeaned dangerous.  The people of Abydos are encouraged to rebel against Ra and help the solders but it is mainly a group of boys who initially rise up. During the interacts with Ra, his minions and the Americans and Abydonians, Ra's spaceship is destroyed, the Abydonians are freed and everyone except for Daniel return home through the Stargate as he has decided to remain behind with his new wife and study the culture.

Re-watching this movie, I remembered how much I really like this series and sci- fi in general. It took a while for it not to be super weird that James Spader and Kurt Russell were the main actors, as I have watched the series for so long that those actors embody these characters for me, but they really do set the stage for everything that comes before.  yes, some things in the series are changed, tweaked, or ignored all together (I'm talking about them being cold after coming through the Stargate) but because it is such a big deal sci-fi movie and I really do love it, it doesn't bother me.
The CGI is quite out of date as we are coming up on twenty years for it, but this is where having a television series helps out, because I am used to seeing the more TV graphics and CGI it isn't so harsh, also it doesn't really seem like a lot of obvious CGI was used.  It was mainly the Stargate event horizon and traveling through the wormhole.

This is a classic Sci-Fi movie and I feel that any sci-fi fan should watch it and it is definitely worth seeing it you have a free afternoon to kill.

My Rating: 3

My Nostalgic rating: 4-  This is a huge part of my sci-fi nerdiness and one of my longer running fandoms.

Hold Up Rating: Pretty good, as the special effects did not go for blaringly obvious but is obviously older graphics.

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