Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Battle of the Movies: Christmas Day

This Christmas day there are four big new releases and it will be interesting to see which one wins out against the others for Christmas week viewing.  I am a bit torn about which one I want to see first as I am interested in seeing all four of these movies.  Who else is excited to see these movies?

47 Ronin

I don't know much about this movie but it seems to be very much a Samari themed action flick.  It has been a while since I have seen Keanu Reeves in a movie and am hopping that he can pull on his leading action star abilities and that it is fun to watch  Basically it seems like it about a group of 47 Ronin Warriors whose master has been killed and they go on a mission to avenge his death. This is the movie that my brother wants to see first.

Grudge Match

This is the comedy action movie option that is coming out and this is the option for those who want something a little more light hearted to watch for Christmas. It brings together Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro as over the hill former boxers who were formal rivals who have never identified who was the champion of the two.  They are given a chance to get some money and prove for all who is the ultimate champ.  It has been really pushing the humor aspect of the movie in it promotional material.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a story about a man who has been living a boring life but who gets swept away in his imagination.  He then is trust into a situation where he goes and experiences adventure while seeking down a missing photo negative.  I have seen a few interviews with Ben Stiller about this movie and am hoping that the movie has the feel of the trailers, but sometimes these movies don't really give you a true scene of where the movie will go.

Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie where he once again plays an egotistical ass.  In this one he works on wall street with Jonah Hill and they may or may not be running an above the bar ship.  This looks to follow the rise and fall of these characters as they try to be masters of their kingdoms.

The movies coming out this Christmas all seem to be focused on the adult audience and none of them seem like family fare.  I am interested in seeing all four of them but they all have a different feel to them, so which one I see first will depend on my mood weather I am more interested in a comedy (Grudge Match), a character drama comedy (Secret Life of Walter Mitty) a warrior action movie (47 Ronin) or a OTT suspense black comedy/drama (Wolf of Wall Street).
What is everyone planning to see and which one is going to be the winner in my book?

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