Monday, December 30, 2013

My Top Rated Movies: 2013

With it being the end of the year, I have decided that I wanted to put together some top movie list.  I ended up seeing seventy six new 2013 releases this year (not counting the four 2012 releases I saw in January) and this is a huge jump from last year.  Even with watching this many movies that came out this year, there are still many that I wanted to see but didn't have a  chance to, and I am hoping that I will get a chance to watch some of them as they come out on DVD or whenever I have a chance.  If I missed any that were your top rated, let me know, I love to get steered in a specific direction when going back and watching movie I watched.

Here is my top rated movies of the year (I also did a list of my favorite movies of the year which you can check out here ).  I did the top dozen instead of ten because I felt like it.  I recommend seeing everyone one of these movies, especially the top five as they were all wonderfully done with great stories and well acted.

1. Quartet (4)
2. Lee Daniel's The Butler (4)
3. Saving Mr. Banks (4-)
4. Now You See Me (4-)
5. The Way Way Back (3+)
6. Don Jon (3+)
7. Frozen (3+)
8. Star Trek: Into Darkness (3+)
9. The Book Thief (3)
10. Monster's University (3)
11. American Hustle (3)
12. Side Effects (3)

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