Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dallas Buyers Club (2013): Review

Today I saw Dallas Buyers Club and it is a movie the definitely has earned the nominations that it is getting.  It was an interesting story of a man who was diagnosed with HIV and AIDS in the mid nineteen eighties and his desire to get drugs to manage his symptoms, provide these medications for others, and come against the FDA and the providers of medication study to try and stop the HIV virus.  Going into this movie I didn't really understand why it was called Dallas Buyers Club but in watching the movie I discovered that a Buyers Club was an organization were people payed a fee to get a membership at which points they were provided with medications, this was an attempted loophole around getting in trouble for selling unauthorized drugs.  I also didn't realize until I watched the movie that it is a story about a real man, Ron Woodroof.
In Dallas Buyers Club, Ron Woodroof, played by Matthew McConaughey, a homophobic, drug using bull rider discovers that he is HIV+ and has AIDS.  He struggles with accepting his illness and how he is unable to get medication to treat it.  He manages to initially bribe to get medication AZT.  After finding a doctor in Mexico that helps him and teaches him about using supplements and unauthorized medications, he seeks to start bringing in these medications into the US and then start selling them to other people who suffer from HIV with an unlikely cross dressing business partner Rayon, played by Jared Leto, who helps him bridge the gap between him and the gay population who need these medications.  Ron's main struggle is against the FDA who doesn't like that Ron is in business and is against the use of AZT and Dr. Eve Saks, an uncertain doctor who just wants to help people played by Jennifer Garner.
Matthew McConaughey was fantastic as Ron and he acted extremely well, he defiantly deserves the nominations that he has thus far received for this role and he is able to carry the movie, as he is the main focus of the entire thing. You can see his progression throughout the movie and how he struggles to redefine his life and live with his illness without easily accepting his upcoming death, especially since he is only originally given 30 days to live after he is diagnosed. The supporting cast is good but no one can really compete with McConaughey and he is the focus when he is on screen.  This even includes the flamboyant portrayal of Rayon.
The feel of the movie was gritty but it goes with the feel of the overall movie and the mid nineteen eighties setting. This movie was interesting to watch, and although I am glad that I saw it, it isn't a movie that I plan on watching over and over again like I tend to do with movies.  It is worth watching, but the material matter, profanity, and homophobia expressed in this movie, means that it is for the older viewer.  I recomend seeing it but people who struggle with any of the things I just identified would not like the movie.

My Rating: 3-

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