Saturday, March 29, 2014

Noah (2014): Review

Last night I went and saw the new Russell Crowe movie Noah which is the adaptation of the biblical story of Noah and his arc.  This movie was a big undertaking and achieves the grandness that it is was aiming for but wasn't that great of a movie overall.  It seemed to be one of those movies that relies on the public's familiarity with the name attached to the story and the basic plot as well as use actors that people would recognize as a way to get people into the movie and them muck with the story and do whatever they want with the movie.  Although it was a grandiose movie and hits the main points of the Noah story it overacted and focused on a drama/conflict that isn't even hinted at in the story.
The Noah movie hit all the main points of the biblical story but as it is only several chapters in the Old Testament (Genesis 5-9) and the movie is over two hours the creators of the movie took a lot of liberties.  It stars Russel Crowe as Noah, the last remaining descendant of Seth (Adam and Eve's Son), who God has chosen to build an arc to survive the great flood which will destroy the world and mankind who has given into their wickedness.  During this he comes in contact with the wickedness of man and sees how they are not worth saving and need to be destroyed.  Man, specifically King Tubal-cain, played by Ray Winstone, who is set on taking all that he wants, which includes the arc and destroying Noah. Also in the movie are Noah's sons: Shem, played by Douglass Booth; Ham, played by Logan Lerman; and Japheth, played by Leo McHugh Carroll. Also included is Noah's wife named Naameh, played by Jennifer Connolly, and Shem's wife Ila, played by Emma Watson. Although the wives are not given any real focus in the biblical story they are a big part of the movie and counterpoint to Noah.  Anthony Hopkins makes an appearance as Noah;s grandfather Methuselah.

Overall this movie focuses on the struggle of Noah and how he decides on what the message from God means and how he has executes it.  He is both supported and challenged by those around him and seeks the help of Watchers, fallen angels from heaven who are basically these big rock creatures.  They both assist Noah in building the arc and battling the evilness of man.
My main problem with this movie is that it felt like the over two hour movie that it was. I liked the incorporation of Jennifer Connolly and Emma Watson because those where the characters whose story and journey I actually connected with ad kept me focused through the rest of what was happening and the OTT drama and undeveloped internal conflict of the other characters.  I felt like with the others they told us what they were going through and what was happening but didn't really do what was needed to connect with the person and care to follow.

The movie was a big production and had a lot of work put into it. I saw the 2D version and besides the part with the snake it didn't seem like I missed anything from the 3D version.  I did do a lot of wider shots, which I appreciated.
Basically there was nothing horrible about this movie but it wasn't anything that I would have been bummed for not have seen.  It is something that you have to go into knowing and expecting it to be a diversion of the biblical story and go with the additions and changes.  It is something that is worth waiting to watch on television if you even care to see it then.

My Rating: 1

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