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Veronica Mars Movie (2014): The Characters and Cast

Here is a quick breakdown of Veronica Mars characters who are in the movie, to help keep some of them straight.

Main characters
Veronica Mars (Kristin Bell)-

 Our title character who is sucked back into her old ways of being a private eye and getting into trouble, to help long ago love and friend Logan when he is accused of a murder he didn't commit. She is struggling with who she is and the person she completely left behind when he left Neptune.

Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni)

Veronica's dad who has been working as a private eye since the television show.  He wants what is best for his daughter and wants her to succeed. Basically a great dad.

Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring)

Has a love and hate relationship with Veronica that goes back a long time. He is relying on Veronica to help him and still has a passionate chemistry with Veronica.

Wallace Fennell (Percy Daggs III)

Friend of Veronica who has been a rock to Veronica.  He works as a basketball coach at Neptune High where he previously was a star player.

Weevil (Francis Capra)

ex motorcycle gang member who went straight and is now a loving husband and father.  He used to be Veronica connection with the "other" side of Neptune.

Mac (Tina Majorino)

Veronica's friend who is a computer wiz.  She also was an outcast back in school.

Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen)

 Friend of Logan, who is always making comments and quips.  He always seems to somehow be involved in what is going on and always brings a good laugh.

Piz (Chris Lowell)

Crushed on Veronica back in college and is currently dating her. Is the good guy to Logan's bad boy. The dependable choice for Veronica.

Secondary Characters and Cameos
Gia Goodman (Krysten Ritter)

Classmate of Veronica who struggled with her feelings for Veronica after High school but had a superficial relationship with Veronica prior to graduation.

Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret)

 adversary of Veronica who was always trying to put down Veronica and do mean things to her.  Continues to hate Veronica with Veronica feeling the same way about her.

Deputy Sacks (Brandon Hillock)

A deputy in the Neptune Sheriff department who was a recurring character on the series.  Is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but underneath he was always trying.

Leo D'Amato (Max Greenfield)

Used to be a deputy in the Neptune sheriff department but is not a Detective. Briefly dated Veronica and assisted her in her cases (both knowingly and unknowingly).

Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino)

The other private eye in Neptune who was more loose in his moral practices.  Is currently working as a paparazzi selling clips of celebrities.

Cliff McCormick (Daran Norris)

Cliff was the "I know a lawyer" character who popped up throughout the series to help out Veronica.  I really like this character and was hoping that he would be in the movie.

Celeste Kane (Lisa Thornhill)- Mother of Veronica's murdered friend Lily, and mother to her ex boyfriend Duncan.  Has always been quite the bitchy character.

Sheriff Dan Lamb (Jerry O'Conner) - Older brother to former Sheriff Don Lamb, who is even worse then his bother.  He isn't just inept but corrupt.

Assorted Neptune High Students- there are other Neptune High school students that are in this movie and some of them are more then just there but I didn't really remember them and the movie explains enough about them for what is going on.

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