Friday, March 14, 2014

Veronica Mars Movie (2014): Review

Today the Veronica Mars movie came out and I was happy to be able to see it.  I have recently discovered that I am indeed a Marshmallow and just wish that I had discovered the fabulousness of Veronica Mars the television show earlier (check out my veronica mars fandome experience here ). I really loved this movie and it hit on most of the things I wanted from it. The main thing was I just wanted more of all the little components and things that they put in but with it just being a 107 minute movie it did a pretty good job.

Veronica Mars the movie takes place nine years after the last episode of the show (it doesn't include the mini season 4 pilot the FBI years- but does make a reference to how a character had heard she joined the FBI) with Veronica, played by Kristin Bell, having left Neptune and Hurst college to get her Bachelors Degree in psychology and then went on to Law school in NYC. For those who have not seen the television show you will still be able to understand what is going on because the movie starts with a summary of show and how Veronica has left her old ways behind. This is done in Veronica voice over which is a staple of the show.
Veronica starts that movie after completing law school trying to get a job prior to taking the bar, and in a relationship with Piz, played by Chris Lowell, who she has been back together with for a year.  Her long ago love Logan Echolls, played by Jason Dohring, gets into trouble back in Neptune after his girlfriend is found by him murdered and he becomes the key suspect.  He asks for Veronica's help and for her to work her old magic and get him out of this spot.  Helping him brings Veronica back to Neptune, where she gets sucked back into her old pattern of sleuthing and putting herself in danger, plus attending her ten year high school reunion.  Veronica also runs into many of old friends, allies, and adversaries as she tries to find out what really happened and who set up Logan.

Like I said this movie is made for the fans of Veronica Mars but can also be enjoyed by people who have not seen it.  My sister went with me to watch it and said that she liked it and it made sense to the non initiated (she did say that it seemed more like a long television episode then movie but I loved all the things they put in).   This movie brings back together many of the characters from the movies and weaves them into the plot or just into the general story of the movie (it is their high school reunion after all). To see a breakdown of the characters and cast click here .
I think that this movie did a good job of bringing in references to the television show and had a little bit of screen time for most of my favorite and the important recurring characters.  I think that these moments will be the hardest to understand from those who have not seen the movie but I don't think it will really hinder the movie that much.  I enjoyed the Dax Shepherd cameo, he and Kristen Bell played well off each other.

I really enjoyed this movie and think that everyone should go see it and get into the television show as it is good fun with its Camp Noir flavor.  This movie's mystery is not that complex and for me there wasnt really anything that was super surprising or anxiety provoking, but it was fun.  I was definitely pulled into the team Logan vs. Team Piz triangle and I was defiantly rooting for team Logan (go LoVe)
 but it is really all focused around Veronica and who she really is.  Is she really able to put her past behind her and move on as a big shot New York lawyer or is she really kidding herself with being able to let a good mystery go.  You will have to see it to see what Veronica does.

My Rating: 3
My Enjoyment Rating: 4-

There is an extra little scene after the movie but it doesn't add to the plot, it is just a continuation of a cameo earlier in the movie.

Note- You can already buy/rent Veronica Mars the movie on itunes and amazon instant video so if you don't want to go to the theaters to see it you can enjoy it at home!!!!!

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