Saturday, May 3, 2014

Brick Mansions (2014): Review

I just realized that I didn't make a post for when I saw Brick Mansions last weekend.  It seems like that last few weeks have been crazy busy and out of character for my basic life but hopefully everything will be getting more regular and I will be posting on here more like I have in the past.  Anyway back to the post on this movie.  I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I went into watching Brick Mansions.  It stars Paul Walker, who I usually really like in movies, this goes back to thinking he was absolutely fantastic back in high school when I first saw him in movies, but since he has since passed away in a tragic car accident I didn't know how it would work with this being the last movie that he completed before his death.
Brick Mansions was what I tend to like in the crappy action movie category and it was a pretty solid effort.  It was worth seeing for people who like these type of car chase, fight sequence, shoot-um up movies but would not be that much interest to people who do not like this type of movie.  I liked the addition of the parkour element but do not believe for one minuet that Paul Walker was ever able to do those moves like his partner.  Brick Mansions is set in not far future Detroit, Michigan which has deteriorated as a crime center and this criminal area has been walled off and separated from prosperous Detroit.  They do not receive aid and crime has run amok.  Undercover cop Damien Collier, played by Walker, is going into Brick Mansions to de-arm a bomb that is in possession of crime boss Tremaine, played by RZA, who is responsible for the death of Damien's father.  Damien is partnered with criminal Lino, played by David Belle, who has his own beef with Tremaine. Can Damien and Tremaine learn to work together and trust each other to figure out what is going on and prevent the bomb from going off.

First off the parkour in this movie by David Belle is fantastic and since I have discovered that he is a founder of parkour I am even more impressed and believe that he was able to do some of the stunts, maybe not all together an in the ridiculous sequences but it was still pretty amazing. I liked that mix of action sequences in this movie and how they mixed up the type, it went from parkour sequence, to shoot um ups, to car chases, to fist fights allowing me to not get bored as it was not becoming too repetitive.
The story of this movie was kinda weak and pretty easy to identify what was going to happen next, but since I tend to like these kinds of action movies this doesn't really bother me.  The thing that bothered me the most was how clean everything was for it suppose to be in a ghetto with no support where crime runs rampant.  Also the timeline didn't really work but reality isn't something you can focus on in this movie.
This movie does do the thing where the have tight in cinematography which I am slowing just accepting because I cannot change.  But the story also did that things where no matter how much people get the crap kicked out of them they don't go down and no matter how many bullets are shot at them they don't get hit.
Like I said it was a pretty solid action movie and is worth watching if you like these kind of movies but doesn't have anything that will interest people who don't tend to like these kinds of action movies.

My Rating: 2

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