Friday, May 9, 2014

The Other Woman (2014): Review

Tonight I went to see the new Cameron Diaz movie, The Other Woman and it was absolutely hilarious.  I don't remember the last time that I basically laughed from the beginning of the movie till the very end.  This one the humor and laughs just kept coming and it was kept at a level that made it enjoyable to watch but not overwhelming.  There were some points that it went more into the disgusting, over the top humor that I don't like, but this was really only in two spots so it didn't bother me that badly.
The Other Woman's plot is very simple and there isn't a lot going on in basic story but the story is basically there to put the characters into situations where funny interactions can happen. It stars Cameron Diaz as Carly, a high power low emotion lawyer who starts seeing a man that she actually likes.  This man is Mark King, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who Carly discovers is actually married to Kate, played by Leslie Mann and has been lying to both of them.  Kate doesn't know what to do when she finds out that her husband had been lying to her and seeks support from Carly.  Together they form an unlikely friendship and and discover that Mark is cheating on both of them with Amber, played by Kate Upton.  The three of them decide that they want to get back at Mark for lying to them and do what they can to bring him down.  Supporting characters include Taylor Kinney as Kate's brother Phil; Nicki Minaj as Carly's assistant Lydia; and Don Johnson as Carly's dad Frank.

This movie is basically fluff and doesn't have a lot of overall plot nor any suspense to it but it is a fun ride throughout.  What makes this movie so enjoyable is the great interactions between the three main ladies, especially Diaz and Mann. They play really well off of each other and really embody their characters in a way that I actually care to see what they do. I am glad to say that because these two actresses sometimes have a tendency to go too far for me and make it way too much, their differences seemed to really play well off of each other and you can see them developing affection for each other.  Upton was fine but was more secondary to the main relationship.
 The only casting choice that I didn't particularly care for was the actor who played Mark.  This is probably more about him being the one to do the more over the more over the top crappy humor that I don't care for then him as an actor.  I think that the line was held pretty well for the majority of the movie but it just went too far with him.
Like I said this movie was very funny and I would recommend it for anyone who likes general comedies that are more appropriate then the rated R ones that have become the norm recently and can just go with the scenario and very basic plot.

My Rating: 2+
My Enjoyment Rating: 3+

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