Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Battle of the Movies: Spring 2013 Big Budget Blockbusters

This weeks start the releases of the spring blockbusters that I am super excited for the majority of them.  It seems like every week through the remainder of spring a big budget Hollywood movie is being released.  While I am excited and cant wait to see the majority of them, I am worried that the Market will be over saturated and that there will not be enough time between them for any of them to truly be stand alone success.  It will be interesting if any of them will be a stand alone winner, if all of them will do fantastic at the box office, or they will compete too much for similar audiences and none do as well as wanted. 
The release dates are as follows (you can scroll down to any specific one you are more interested in for some of my main thoughts. I have previously spoke about some of the trailer or will be in the near future):

Iron Man 3- May 3
The Great Gatsby- May 10
Star Trek: Into Darkness- May 17
Fast & Furious 6- May 24
After Earth- May 31
Man of Steel- June 14

First up is Iron Man 3 on May 3

Iron Man 3 officially starts phase 2 of the Marvel movies coming out in the next few years leading up to the Avengers 2.  It follows Tony Stark as he battles with the aftermath of the events that occur in the Avengers and as he is facing a new evil in The Mandarin. It seems like there are a lot of people in Iron Suits in this movie, and it looks to provide lots of action.  Lets see if it is able to ignite the excitement for Avengers 2, as it will be the starting point of the lead up arc.

The Great Gatsby on May 10th

I am not sure how I feel about the Great Gatsby. It looks to be going for lots of polish and shine as well as having an A list cast.  I have not read the book so am not that familiar with the story but plan to go see what has been talked about for quite a while.  Going in I am a bit apprehensive because of the leads of Leonard DiCaprico and Tobey Mcguire because these two are actors that I have difficulty watching and seeing them meld into the characters as opposed to watching it and seeing the actors.  In the trailers I see them as actors but maybe they will be able to pull me in during the actual movie.

Star Trek: Into Darkness on May 17th

I am so excited for this movie and cannot wait to see it.  I have already gotten my tickets for the first performance I could get and am excited to see it on the Wednesday. I will be really disappointed if it is not good.

Fast & Furious 6 May 24th

I am looking forward to this movie, as I have always been a fan of the fast and the furious franchise (Tokyo Drift I do not count in this).  Talking to others, it seems like I am the one who is excited about this, and have liked the serious thus far.  It has all of the things I like, action, racing, excitement, cloak and dagger.  I hope that this one is good, but I am interested to see how Letty is worked back into the storyline.

After Earth on May 31st

I plan to see this movie but am not sure if it will be any good or not.  I like Will Smith, but I don't like how he seems to be making movies just to star his children.  Plus the voice is a little weird.  I am not sure that I can accept Jaden as the up and coming action star.  We will see if he can truly stand up to his dad, or if this just is a disaster.

Man of Steel on June 14th

I really hope that this reboot of Man of Steel is good and by starting at the beginning of the back story it will be a re-engagement of the great possibility that Superman movies have.  I have always liked superman and am of the generation that had both Lois & Clark as well as Smallville as a weekly staple for years.  Lets see if this is able to pull me in and accept another retelling of this story.

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