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Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013): Review **NO SPOILERS**

Tonight I went to see the very first showing I could of Star Trek: Into Darkness and unless this is the first time you have spoken with me lately or read my blog, then you know that I have been super excited and waiting impatiently for this movie to come out.  I was happy to get tickets to the first showing offered tonight and I am happy to say that this movie met my expectations and I absolutely loved it. I think it was absolutely fantastic and exciting.
I am trying very hard not to disclose any significant spoilers in this post and have reread what I have written to try and make sure that there are not any slips.  I will be posting a more extensive review later on this weekend or next week (after I see it again) which will explore my thoughts on the movie when I do not care about giving away spoilers, but because I saw the first possible showing I will hold these for later.
Anyway now on to the review.
Like I said, I have been very excited for this movie to come out and I have been wanting to see it since the Star Trek (2009) reboot was released when it reignited my enjoyment of the Star Trek Franchise.  I liked what J.J. Abrams did with this and liked the cast. With Star Trek: Into Darkness, all of the main characters are brought back and I think that everyone who was well cast in the first movie was even better in this one, as they have had a chance to really settle into the characters.  I liked that this movie blended character interactions and action/excitement; to resonate with me emotionally so that I care about what is going on with the characters, while adding in the big explosions and fight sequences, along with a sprinkling of the fantastic star trek humor.  I liked that there were some Star Trek nuggets mixed in throughout the movie and I am looking forward to going back to watch this movie again and try and find more then I noticed on first look.
Star Trek: Into Darkness follows Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) on a mission against the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch.  Cumberbatch was fantastically casted and really draws me into believing that he is the big threat that he is made out to be; that he could actually take on Kirk and Spock as well as lead the threat against Star Fleet.  There was continued development of the relationship between Spock and Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and I liked that there relationship dynamics were fostered as well as their interacions with Kirk.  Scottie (Simon Pegg) was hilarious and I seemed to be giggling at all of his antics and responses to what was going on.  Bones (Karl Urban) kept saying his sarcastic comments and being there when he was needed.  Chekov (Anton Yelcin) comes out a little bit and gets thrown into the mix of having to use his engineering info and Sulu (John Cho) shows that he has backbone when he needs it.  The dynamics between the characters really works for me and it presented that their relationships have continued although we were not there to see their journey.  Knowing the characters ahead of time and being a fan of the first movie, it was easy for me to follow everyone, but someone who is not really familiar with all of the characters may have difficulty seeing where everyone fits in, but I think if you do not try to hard, everything will make sense.
Overall, I liked the balance and there were only a few moments were the fight scenes were dragged out but I liked how there were placed and separated by character interactions.  This movie did the thing that I don't like whit the close shot fights but because it was more focused on explosions and the environment of the ships/ people there were the wider shots that diminished this annoyingness.  I also want to point out that I did not like how the warp drive was done with the streams coming out of the engines.  I kept wanting more of what I picture in my head with everything going quickly with the stars zipping by.
I liked that there was some foreshadowing within this movie and that things were sprinkled which parallel and/or completely swapped things for the original storyline but this was a continuation of what was presented in the first film. There was also one fantastic nugget in the middle of the film which I absolutely loved, loved.
I missed the computer, voiced by Majel Barrett wife of the creator of Star Trek, but I know that there was no way to get around this as she sadly passed away in late 2008 weeks after completing her voice over for Star Trek (2009).  I did miss her presence within the film.
Basically I loved this movie and really want another one to come out soon.  I do not think this will happen as J.J. Abrams is slotted to work on other projects but a girl can dream that she will not have to wait four more years for the next one. I would recommend that everyone should watch Star Trek (2009) and then go see this movie.
I saw it in 3D but do not think it is necessary.  Yes there were things that jumped out and came into the audiences but I continue to think that these do not really add to the experience and is overdone. 

My Ranking: 3+

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