Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Star Trek (2009): Recap

With Star Trek: Into Darkness being released this week and that I am scheduled to see it during a sneak peak on Wednesday, I have decided to recap the original J.J. Abrams reboot.  This will contain spoilers so if you don't want to know what happened in the first movie, stop reading and go watch it.  Seriously go watch it, it is a fantastic movie.  If you want a recap keep reading.

Star Trek (2009) is one of my top five favorite movies and I am super excited to see the sequel to it.  This movie stars the following.

Main Characters:
Spock Prime (Lenard Nimoy)
James T. Krick (Chris Pine)
Spock (Zackary Quinto)
Dr. "Bones" McCoy (Karl Urban)
Uhura (Zoe Saldana)
Scottie (Simon Pegg)
Sulu (John Cho)
Chekov (Anton Yelchin)

Nero (Eric Bana)- Villain

Other Characters
Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood)
George Kirk (Chis Hemsworth)
Winona Kirk (Jennifer Morrison)
Sarek (Ben Cross)- Spock's Dad
Amanda Grayson (Winona Ryder) Spock's Mom

This movie starts with a thunderstorm in space where Nero's ship comes through it upon the Federation ship where George Kirk is station. This ship is attacked by Nero and George Kirk is killed while saving the crew and his wife who has just given birth to James Kirk.  It is great because the parents are played by the future god of thunder Thor in movies and the the soon to be savior of the fairytale world on television.  This is a nugget that I now enjoy but at the time, it was just some guy and that female Doctor form House.  Anywho back to the story.  While Kirk is being raised on earth and getting into trouble, Spock is having to cope with having a Human mother while being on Vulcan. It also shows the struggle Spock has to control his emotions and his relationship with his mother.  He chooses to take his own path and go to Star Fleet.
We come upon Kirk who is a major screw up and he finds himself at a bar with StarFleet guys where he meets Uhura.  This starts that back and forth betweens these two and the running gag of only knowing Uhura's last name.  Kirk meets Pike who implores him to live up to his father and Kirk of course decides to join up.  On the shuttle ride from Iowa, he meets his best friend to be Bones, who many quips throughout the movie come form.
Jump forward to a few years later where Kirk is set to take for the third time the Kobayashi Maru but before this we have to see the lady's man side of Kirk with a green alien female.  We then fine Kirk beat the unbeatable Kobayashi Maru and this brings him in juxtaposition to Spock who had helped to run this supposedly unbeatable scenario.  With Kirk in trouble with the academy, Nero attacks Vulcan and everyone is called to a rescue mission.  Kirk is smuggled on board, we meet Sulu and Chekov as well as establish Uhura as a linguistic genus.  It is discovered that Vulcan is under attach from Nero and that Nero wants Spock to suffer for the destruction of his planet.  Pike is kidnapped.  Kirk and Sulu fight some Romulons and Chekov is introduced as fantastic with a transported.  When Vulcan is destroyed, Spock witnesses the death of his mother and starts to crack. We discover that there is a romantic connection between Spock and Uhura and Spock exiles Kirk onto a ice planet, when he runs into Spock Prime who gives the background of Nero and his hatred of Spoke Prime for not saving his planet in the future.  They venture to a station where the meet up with Scottie and Spoke Prime manipulates the situation to get Kirk and Scottie back on the Enterprise.  Kirk is motivated to take Captainship of the Enterprise and keep Spock in the dark about Spock Prime. 
There is a scuttle between Spock and Kirk, where Kirk gets Spock to crack and takes the title of Captain on the Enterprise.  The decision is made to go after Nero and try and save Earth from being destroyed.  Spock pulls himself back together in enough time to go with Krik onto the Romulus ship, and rescue Pike.  Spock discovers that there are things he doesn't know about the whole scenario and sets to destroy Nero's ship.  Everything comes together with Spock and Kirk on the same side and destroying Nero and his ship.
For the ending we see Pike promote Kirk officially to captain of the Enterprise and Spock taking his rightful spot as first officer.  We end with shots of the main Enterprise characters in their rightful places and primed for more missions to come.

I am super excited for Into Darkness to come out and cannot wait to see it.

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