Sunday, February 23, 2014

3 Days to Kill (2014): Review

3 Days to Kill is the new Kevin Costner movie with him taking the lead role.  It seems like the first part of this year has a resurgence of Kevin Costner and I am happy to see him taking more of the lead role in movies again.  I really liked him in the nineties and have been looking forward to seeing this movie and it was a solid film, there was nothing really special about it but it had some good interactions between the characters and spent time to show their relationships between each other.  That being said the plot wasn't really there for me and there were some side characters that were brought in, focused on for a little while but then faded away or were eliminated without any real closure or enough development to really care about them.
3 Days to Kill stars Kevin Costner as Ethan, a CIA agent who is known for killing the assignments that he has without a problem.  He discovers that he is dying so decides that it is time to reconnect with his estranged wife Tina and daughter Zoey, played by Connie Nielsen and Hailee Steinfeld.  While Tina goes on a weekend work trip Ethan takes on the role of dad to Zoey as he tries to repair his relationship with her. Some problems start to arise when CIA agent Vivi, played by Amber Heard, offers Ethan a deal.   He will help her hunt down a target of hers who Ethan has had past dealings with and she will provide him with an experimental medical treatment which may extend his life.
This movie is a pretty standard action flick but does a lot of the type of shots that I don't like and that is the tight in action sequences and fights.  These were done a lot and I found it really distracting, I just wanted them to back up the camera and stay with a shot for a while without cutting back and forth.  This movie is worth seeing if you like standard action movies and are not expecting it to have anything unique or groundbreaking.  It is PG-13 and it keeps within that zone so it would be an action movie that would be fine for younger kids to watch.  There is a lot of killing in it but the violence is minimal and there is almost nothing in reference to sex.  There are some allusions at nudity but that's it.  
This film is more of a watch on DVD later movie and is nothing that has to be seen but I did enjoy seeing Kevin Costner back in the drivers seat of a movie.

My Rating: 2

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