Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Drinking Buddies (2013): Review

This weekend my sister wanted to watch the 2013 movie Drinking Buddies and I decided to watch it with her.  This movie is about four people but focuses mainly on Olivia Wilde's character Kate.  Kate works as the officer person at a brewery where her best friend at work is Luke, played by Jack Johnston.  It is common for these two to have lunch together and then go out after work with the other guys from the brewery and have a few beers.  Also in the mix is Luke's long term girlfriend Jill, played by Anna Kendrick, and Kate's newer boyfriend Chris, played by Ron Livingston.  This movie has an indie feel and before I watched it with my sister I had never heard of it before but it was worth the watch.  
Like I said this movie has the indie feel and therefore it doesn't really go anywhere, it just focuses on the short snapshot of these people's lives that it shows during the film.  It starts by introducing the characters and their established relationship prior to the movie starting.  It continues with Kate, Chris, Luke, and Jill going on a weekend trip together to Chris' family cabin and showing there are some cracks and bonds between the characters.  It shows how relationships can be tested, strained, and they possibly realign as the people continue on their lives.  All surrounded by the drinking of beer.

This is a quality indie film and worth watching for anyone who likes these types of indie dramas that question the established relationships of people within their world.  Be prepared, you will want to have a beer while watching the move (this coming from a person who inst really a beer drinker) or at least have one after so be prepared, and remember to drink your beer out of a glass not the bottle, as the characters mainly do in this movie.

My Rating: 2+

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