Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vampire Academy (2014): Review

Vampire Academy is the most recent teen lit paranormal movie adaption from a book series of the same name.  The Vampire Academy series was written by Richelle Mead and turned into a movie.  I believe they were aiming for the same success of the series before them and although this movie is fast past and kept my interest it did not have the pull in that others do.  This movie was exactly what I was expecting and for anyone who decided to go see it because they like this teen lit vampire movie will enjoy it but it isn't something that I would recommend for people who don't favor these types of movies.
The background of this movie goes into explaining all of the specific names that are used in this series, and one of the good things that I liked about this movie it is explains all of it in an obvious way so I was able to follow what happened.  Basically it follows Rose Hathaway, played by Zoey Deutch, who is from a race that guards the good vampires and is best friends with vampire princess Lissa Dragomir, played by Luch Fry. Prior to the movie starting Lissa's family had been killed and Lissa and Rose were on the run trying to keep Lissa safe.  These two are best friends and share a bond where Rose can sense Lissa's emotions and see what she is seeing. They are found by guardian Dimitri, played by Danila Kozlovski, and brought back to vampire academy where Rose and Lissa are suppose to be safe and recieve the training they need as teenagers. While there they continue to experience strife and have to discover who is targeting Lissa.  Also involved is potential love interest for Lissa Christian, played by Dominic Sherwood.  New friend Natalie Dashkov, played by Sarah Hyland, and old friend of the Dragomir's Victor Dashkov, played by Gabriel Byrne.

This movie is very fast pace and keeps the story going. There inst anything that is really shocking and seems to combine lots of different things together.  There is the petty squabbling of the high school atmosphere.  There is the danger of the evil vampires that are the real reason the guardians are there to protect the royal line. There is the drama filled loved interests between Lissa and Christian and Rose and Dimitri. The mystery of who is after Lissa. And the mystery of what happened to former Vampire Academy teacher Ms. Karp, played by Claire Foy.
Like I said this movie is exactly what you would expect from this type of movie and although there is nothing particular special about it there is nothing that bad.  The cast could have been better and less melodramatic but the overall feel of that, the filming, and the mood of the film all go together.  I don't really like the connection between Rose and Dimitri but it fits with the story and it may be more to the fact that I didn't find anything that alluring about Dimitri.  Lately I have found that I am more judging of the characters that I am suppose to be attracted to as the female audience and I want them to be actually someone that you would want to do a double take and really objectify. 

Like I said go see this movie if the trailer interested you because this movie is basically a full film version of the trailer.

My Rating: 2

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