Sunday, February 16, 2014

RoboCop (2014): Review

I have been excited for the remake of the 1987 RoboCop movie and I am happy to say that it met my expectations and that I really enjoyed it. Anyone who is a fan of action movie will like this movie as it keeps movie, gives enough into the story to be pulled in but focus on the coolness of the RoboCop.  It continues to push the don't trust machines as they will take over the future stuff but the bad guys in this movie are still the people pulling the strings. 
RoboCop is a remake of the 1987 movie and stars Joel Kinnaman as Detroit Police Office Alex Murphy a cop who is trying to hunt down the corrupt in Detroit and ends up being blown up in a murder attempt against him.  Much of his person is damage so he is chosen by OmniCorp to be the new product to keep the American People safe.  OmniCorp has been trying to get the United States to approve having their machines take over the job of policing the streets as they have been doing in others areas of the world.  Alex has to come to grips with what happens to him with the help of Dr. Dennett Norton, played by Gary Oldman, while the OmniCorp execs try to use him for their own purposes.  The OmniCorp execs are owner Raymond Sellars played by Michael Keaton, Liz Kine played by Jennifer Ehle, and PR manager Tom Pope played by Jay Baruchel. The movie is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Pat Novak, a televsion host who is helping OmniCorp push the agenda of having machines on the streets.
This movie was the type of action movie that I really like.  There is enough of a story and character interaction to keep me interested, there are characters that work together but it is easy to differentiate between them and keep everyone separate in my mind.  Yes many of the supporting characters are one dimensional but this is fine as they are just that supporting characters. I think that overall it was a good cast and they acted in a way that went went each other and the general feel of the movie.  The pace is good and their is a good mixture of different action sequences.  There were some moments when the battles were a little video game but as these type of graphics are getting really good this didn't bother me.  I liked the overall feel of the movie and how it was shoot, but there were some parts where they did the thing I don't like with the shaky cam and tight shots, overall this was fine.
This was an action movie, which meant that I was primed to like it and it was also set in Detroit, Michigan and as a Metro Detroit gal myself I really liked this.  I liked the little Detroit touches and references to the areas around it.  I did notice that they got something wrong with their Detroit references when they talked about pooling inmates at the Ryan Correctional Facility because I work with a criminal population and know that it now the Detroit Re-entry Center. 
Basically this is a good action movie and anyone who likes action movie will like this and I recommend that you see it.  

My Rating: 3-

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