Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013): Review

I have been looking forward to this new Die Hard movie, that it was the one of the four Valentine releases that I choose to watch at the 10pm premiere.  I was really excited going into but I was trying not to get too excited because it seems lately the movies I am really looking forward to have been alright, and the ones that I'm more kinda interested in have turned out to be quite good.  A Good Day to Die Hard has followed this trend, and it was okay but not really that great.
In A Good Day to Die Hard, Bruce Willis is back as John McClane who is once again thrown into a situation where he is responsible to play the hero and kill the "scumbags." This one is set in Russia, When McClane goes to find his son who he believes to be in trouble but later discovers he is working for the CIA doing spy shit.  He is striving to reconnect with his son because they have had a strained relationship.  As they get thrown into a situation where they have to take care of business, standard Die Hard action ensue with some seriously set up destruction scenes.
The main good point of this movie is Bruce Willis back as John McClane.  He brings that lovable grouch of a character back and there are many moments where he has that twinkle in his eye and that is how I love to see Bruce Willis.  I thought there were some nice moments between father and son and the action scenes were over the top Die Hard scenes.  When I say that I mean completely unrealistic with lots of collateral damage.
The bad part of this movie was the ridiculous set up and plot.  I wasn't expecting a lot and really I didn't need much in the plot department, but with this movie, it took a while to get going and I could have done without the half hearted attempt to go into detail with the bad guys and how they kept trying to fed info about them but without really giving anything you cared about.  it would have been better if they stuck with something simpler and the could have still had a few twists with it.  I found the most annoying part to be the main guy who is after the McClanes because there was noting really sinister about him and he just acted weird, but in a not entertaining way.
This movie continued in the trend of having extreme close ups which as I have stated in the past I will complain about until directors stop it and also used a lot of shaky cam work.  This wasn't that bad after the movie got going, but in the beginning was slightly annoying.
Overall, I liked the classic Die Hard moments and the relationship development between father and son, but it could have had less nonsense in the plot.

My Rating: 1


  1. Good review Jane. The only upside I can say is that it doesn't make me opposed to seeing more someday, but next time around we have to take the time to make a John McClane movie, not just put John McClane in some other movie.

  2. Thanks Dan, I agree I wouldn't mind another Die Hard movie but it really should be an actual Die Hard movie and not introduce nonsense just to try and one up the previous plot.