Sunday, February 10, 2013

Battle of the Movies: Valentine's Day

Later this week is Valentine's Day and it is a movie release extravaganza.  There is a movie coming out that will meet anything that people are interested in seeing.  There is a classic romance, a big budget action, a fantasy young adult adaptation, and a children's movie.  Like I said, there is a movie coming out this Thursday that will meet anyone's Valentine's wants.  It will be hard for me to decide which one I don't want to see as much, because I want to see them all (I think I will end up seeing all of them over the long weekend, but only if I can find the time).  I am listing them in my expected order of viewing and excitement, but all of them look entertaining and would be a great choice.

The Action Movie:
A Good Day To Die Hard

This is the fifth installment of the Die Hard Franchise and I am super excited to see it. If you know me, you know that I live action movies, and that i love Bruce Willis in action movies so if this movie doesn't like up to my expectations I am going to be seriously annoyed.  A Good Day to Die Hard, follows John McClane, played by the fantastic Bruce Willis as he once again is thrust into circumstances where he has to kick but and take names.  This time in Russia against some type of terrorist.  The trailers don't really focus on the villain and to me he is not that important because no one will ever be as amazing as Alan Rickman in the original Die Hard, but it looks like they somehow are going after Jack McClane, John's CIA operative son.  I like that this movie brings his son, played by Jai Courtney, into the mix as the last installment has some focused on the strained relationship between McClane and his daughter.  I think that this is a must see for any action buff.

Supernatural Teenage Book Adaptation:
Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is the most recent movie adaption of teenage literature aimed for the female populations.  The book was written by Kami Garcia and the movie stars Alice Englert, as Lena.  Lena is a young women who is fast approaching her sixteenth birthday.  As she is from a family of casters (witches) she is not having a normal transit into womanhood, on her sixteenth birthday she will be claimed either for the dark or the light.  Per usually her journey is not just the normal one, and the dark side is hoping to claim her because she is destined to be the most powerful caster and determine the fate of humanity.  During this struggle she meets a young boy who she develops feelings for and teenage drama and angst is bound to be galore.  I am expecting this to be pretty standard in format for this type of movie, but I am hoping that it will satisfy the teenage girl who will forever be in heart.

Classic Romance:
Safe Haven

It is definitely Valentine's Day with a new Nicolas Sparks movie and Safe Haven is this years release.  I usually like Nicolas Sparks movies, but they tend to be hit or miss for me.  This one starts Julianne Hough as Katie, a young women who is trying to get away from her past, and i suspect abusive stalker, so she settles in the quite town of Southport, NC just trying to blend into the background.  While she is there she meets the young widower Alex, played by Josh Duhamel.  They keep bumping into each other, but of course the building of their relationship is disrupted when Katie's past shows up looking of her.  Because this is a Nicolas Sparks movie adaption, I am expecting some type of kissing in water scene and some type of tear jerker moment.  I hope this is one of the better Sparks adaptations as I am ready for a good Romance movie to get me through this most romantically focused holiday.

Children/Family Fare:
Escape From Planet Earth

This is the option when having a more family friendly of kid focused movie excursion this weekend.  Escape From Planet Earth follows Scorch and Gary Supernova, alien brothers who are hero team.  One the brawn and one the brains.  When Scorch gets trapped and captured on Planet Earth, it is up Gary to try and save him.  Looks to be an enjoyable movie, with enough references to at least keep adults entertained.

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