Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bullet to the Head (2013): Review

When I watched Bullet to the Head I got what I was expecting and it was entertaining. Bullet to the head is the most recent Sylvester Stallone movie and is the first leading role he has taken outside of the Expendable franchise that brought him back as an action star.  With Bullet he is the main action draw and is not utilizing the nostalgic feel of a group of older action guys, all of who have had they hay day and deserved the homage. I ended up liking how this movie was played with no real allusions to Stallone's past work and that it took a very, this is just a great action movie approach.
In Bullet to the Head, Sylvester Stallone plays Jimmy, a career criminal who has been hired to kill someone.  After the deed is done, he is double crossed by those who hired him and his partner has been killed.  He goes out to get the people who set him up, while simultaneously been sought by the same men.  During this he encounters and begrudgingly works with Tayor Kuan, a DC cop (they are in New Orleans), played by Sung Kang.  Their main adversary is the mercenary Keegan, played by Jason Mamoa.  Also drawn into the mix, is Jimmy's daughter Lisa, played by Sung Kang. There is also cover ups and dirty cops along the way to create some type of a plot.
I liked that there was a basic plot and worked in some basic background for the key players, but it was just enough to keep the movie going and fill up the time between fight scenes.  Overall. I liked this action movie, it kept the pace going, had big musclely guys fighting and shooting each other and lots of excitement.  There were moments of humor through in, which were basically one liners, but I liked them and they didn't take away from the movie or what was going on at the time.  The major dislike I had with this movie, which is something that is very prevalent in films today and something that I will continue to complain about it is no longer used as a crutch, was the tight focus of the fight scenes.  The extreme close ups and jumping around of film angles.  Although this movie used these, it wasn't as bad as some and it was superimposed with wider shots of the overall space, which made it less annoying from my end.
This was a good action movie, but that was all that it was.  A basic storyline with lots of action throughout.  Anyone who likes action movies will enjoy going to this one.

My Rating: 2

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