Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beautiful Creatures (2013): Review

Going into watch Beautiful Creatures I was hoping that it would satisfy my internal teenage girl and I am happy to say that it did. This movie took me through the emotions of I like it, I like it, I love it, I hate it, and then I love it again. When I am looking for these mystical teenage lit movie makes this is the type of movie I am expecting and that I love these movies to be, it included the standard you’re are a teenage and so much in love, but with the awkwardness of youth thrown in.

The first thing I discovered going into this movie, is that the perspective is not so much through Lena but through Ethan. It was refreshing to get to see this type of movie from the boy’s perspective, although the main story is about the girl. This movie centers on Lena who is a caster (this movie's term for witch) who is fast approaching her sixtieth birthday. The importance of this date is that on this date she will be claimed for either the light or the dark depending on her true nature. Her family is torn apart between those who want her to take control of her own destiny and choose the light and those who are hoping that she will be claimed for the dark. As this is happening, Lena is learning about the curse that surrounds the females in her family as well as her feelings for Ethan.

Like I stated before I really liked this movie, but it is what it is, a teen lit adaptations that focuses on the supernatural. I liked the relationship between Lena and Ethan and I liked that both of them are a little awkward within their relationship. I could have done without all the stereotypical small town Christian characters who are all "my mamma says" and "going to hell" as I do not think that this was needed and it could have easily put Lena and family as the outcasts without this. I found myself rooting for Lena and Ethan as well as wanting Lena to find her good through this relationship.

This movies starts with a voice over from Ethan and I think that I have had enough of voice overs in movies as a easy way to give set up, but it is not too bad in this movie. It is also full of the melodrama expected in this type of movie.

I recommend anyone who usually goes for this type of movie to see it because I think that it was well done and like I said my internal teenage girl loved it.

My Rating: 3

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