Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Safe Haven (2013): Review

Safe Have is the newest Nicholas Sparks book to movie adaptation and it had a lot to live up to. It follows Katie, played by Julianne Hough, as she seeks to run away from her abusive past by settling in South Port, NC.  As she starts to make a new life for herself she meets Alex, payed by Josh Duhamel, a widower with two small children.  As they develop a relationship with each other they are tested and put in danger when Katie's past catches up with her.
Going into this movie, I was hopping for lots of sap and romantic gestures, a classic romantic cliche, this is what the movie seemed to go for but it never really got there.  The chemistry between Julianne and Josh was lackluster and I never really felt they were connecting or really simmer with sexual tension.  It seemed very forced and their interactions seemed more awkward them smouldering.  I think that this movie just didn't comment to the romance factor as if kept bringing in the thriller aspect with the hunt for Katie's character.  With not really committing to either one, or both of these, factors I never really emotionally connected with the love story or felt really attached to the thriller.
Besides these, it was an okay movie that had some characteristic scenes.  There was a rain scene but no kissing in the rain (I have come to expect and want this in a Nicholas Sparks movie) and it ended with a slightly tearful moment where I found myself feeling for Alex's kids. 

My Rating: 1+

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