Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fast & Furious Six Trailer

The new Fast and the Furious movie trailer has been released and it is upping the anti in car chases.  See Fast and Furious Six Trailer below:

In Fast Six you have Dom, played by Vin Diesel enlisted by Agent Hobbs, Dwayne Johnson to bring down a new car robbing crew.  This new crew has been doing jobs in Europe and has created enough havoc to enlist Dom and the rest of the crew, including Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson to bring down this crew.  It also reintroduced Michelle Rodriguez's Letty who was thought to be killed off in the fourth installment of the series (Fast & Furious).  Based on the trailer she is not ready for the lovely dovey Reunion with Dom that he would like but as he states "you don't give up on family.

Fast Six comes out on Memorial Day and I am very excited for this new installment.  It has been a serious that I have always loved, especially if you ignore the third installment, Tokyo Drift, which I do not count to be a real Fast and Furious movie.

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