Friday, April 19, 2013

Oblivion (2013): Review

Tonight for Friday Night Movie Night I went and saw the new Tom Cruise movie Oblivion and it was a stunning film to watch. This movie is set around and focused on the character of Jack Harper, played by Tom Cruise, as he discovers that the world he lives in is not the world he thought it was.  It is set in a Earth that was attached by an alien entity who destroyed the moon, which sent Earth into a state of natural destruction and Earth is now uninhabited except for Jack and Victoria, played by Andrea Riseborogh, two people who are stationed on Earth to monitor and repair drones.  As Jack goes about investigating the world and what is left on the world he finds a human survivor, Julia, played by Olga Kurylenko, and discovers that humans have not left Earth like he was lead to believe. 
This movie was absolutely stunning to watch and I loved the sweeping landscape shots.  This movie was not like others that are being made today that focus the shoot tight into what is going on, but it backs up the camera and lets the audience see the vastness of what is going on.  I like how the world that Jack and Victoria live in is white and sterile while the world underneath is dark and dirty.  It is a nice juxtaposition of how the individuals are living their lives and seeing the world. 
The CG is very nicely worked into the shots and it just seems to flow with what is going on, the technology fits into this as well.  It is not there to shock or be cool, it is just what is part of the world and part of how things are.  It is beautiful to watch as Jack flies through the different terrains of the world and I just liked enjoying the ride.
Although this movie was beautiful to watch and was nicely tracked musically the plot was extremely simplistic and predictable.  Nothing really surprised me and I was able to guess what was happening or going to happen.  It tried to do some surprises but there was too much foreshadowing and due to the simplistic plot and limited dialogue, anything said that was ominous, gave you an idea of what was going to happen.  This movie was also set at a slow pace, as it seemed the focus was more on telling a sweeping story and illustrating the cinematography then anything super exciting or thrilling.  It was just a ride to follow and experience without really thinking about it.  The characters were not really developed, except for Jack and even he was only developed as much as he had to be in order to have the plot have anything to it.
This is a movie that is not for people expecting a lot of action or who want a quick pace, but for those who like something that they don't have to figure out and yet get to watch the futuristic setting with focus on the settings it is worth seeing. 

My Rating: 2-

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