Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness Offical Trailer #3

Today the new Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer was released and it really ups my excitement for this movie to come out next month.  I cannot wait.  Watch the Star Trek: Into Darkness Official Trailer #3.

I am excited because this trailer actually gives a bit more then the previous trailers, teaser trailers, and sneak peaks that I have seen in the past.  Yes, they all fueled my excitement to see the movie, but they did not seem to really give any more information about the film, just expanded or re-worked the information that is already out there.  This trailer still does not give away any information on who Benedict Cumberbatch plays but it does focus on how Captain Kirk is juxtaposed against him, and the peril that the Enterprise Crew will be in.  In the trailer it shows that Kirk is determined to go after Cumberbatch, assumingly after he has attacked London, as seen in previous trailers, and is encouraged not to by those around him.  I like this trailer because besides focusing on just the action, which looks to be amazing and exciting, it shows some about the relationship between Kirk and his crew, as well as the struggles that Kirk goes through while being the hero.
So, who is as excited as I am for this movie to come out...

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