Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baggage Claim (2013): Review

This time of year or me has been and always will be the time of year I like to watch the b-level romantic comedies.  To me it always seems like August/September is the time of year where the production movies dump their not top shelf movies, specifically those romantic comedies that are not designed for February.  I know that it is now the beginning of October but it seemed like the rom-coms were not really represented this year so I was ready to see one when it was released and right now that meant Baggage Claim, this movie followed the standard female lead rom-com about a girl who gets herself in situations where she is trying to find the one and in doing so discovers herself and ends up with the right man for her, who originally wasn't on her radar. 
Baggage Claim stars Paula Patton as Montana, a stewardess who was raised by a mother who was obsessed with marriages and who has had five of her own. As Montana approaches her thirtieth birthday her younger sister gets engaged and thus throws her into a frenzy to get in a serious relationship before the rehearsal dinner.  Also feeding this fire is her discovery that the man she thought was for her turns out to be untrustworthy. This story follows a premises that has happened before, where Montana is looking for Mr. Wright by going back and considering her exes.  Because Montana is a stewardess, she does this by enlisting her friends at the airline to discover when her exes are flying and gets on flights with them. 
I really liked the interactions that Montana had with her two best friends and fellow flight attendants slutty Gail, played by Jill Scott, and gay guy who instigates the plan Sam, played by Adam Brody.  I liked how the three of them played off each other and I especially liked Adam Brody, but I always seem to like him an actor and he has this natural humor that I enjoy and that always seems to be a bright spot in the movies he is in.  There are a slew of male actors who play her exes and some of them are well know (Taye Diggs, Djimon Hounsou) and then her best friend from childhood William Wright, played by Derek Luke.
There is nothing shocking in this movie and very much follows the standard rom-com script but I did enjoy the time I watched it.  Paula Patton over acted quite a bit and did this fake coyness thing that was a bit annoying, but maybe it is because I am used to seeing her in roles where she is more of a confidant, kick ass women and now she is more of slightly pathetic female lead in this movie.  Basically it was fun to watch but is only for people that like the very classic, very predictable, romantic comedy.

My Rating: 2-

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