Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blade: Trinity (2004): Recap & Review

To finish up my week of the Blade trilogy I closed with Blade Trinity (I have yet to decide if I will watch the forth but non Wesley Snipes film, Blade: House of Chthon, so let me know if I should).  Going back and watching it, I remember it being a better movie then it actually is, it was still worth a watch, but maybe that was because it was during a time where I thought Ryan Reynolds was totally hott and I hadn't really figure out that he is also quite annoying (but still very attractive). One thing of note with Blade: Trinity is that it does offer quite a bit of man candy to look at and this adds to my enjoyment of the film. 
Blade: Trinity continues on with the story from Blade II with Blade, played by Wesley Snipes, and Whistler, played Kris Kristofferson, hunting down vampires and being a total bad ass.  The movie starts with a crazy Vampire Danica, played by Parker Posey, looking for and finding the original vampire Drake, played by Dominic Purcell, because they need someone to help them take down Blade.  The vampires have also been participating in a media campaign against Blade to make him look like a murdering criminal.  Because of this Blade is captured and Whistler killed, which forces Blade to work with a gorilla team of vampire hunter which includes; Hannibal King, a saved ex-vampire who used to be a boy toy to Danica, played by Ryan Reynolds; Abigail Whistler, the lost daughter of Whistler, played by Jessica Biel; also in the team is a younger Patton Oswald.  They work with Blade to discover the plot of the vampires and try to take them down.  During this time Drake is hunting Blade and killing off his friends.  Hannibal, Abigail, and Blade eventually bring down the vampires and Drake with a vaporized vampire virus.
I enjoyed going back and watching this movie and I quite liked this movie when it came out. Like I said it has a lot of man candy in it and during the shirtless Ryan Reynolds scenes you get to see how very ripped and fit he was. It show how he has been trying to become an action star for quite some time but that he has never really succeeded in becoming one.  You also get to see the start of Jessica Biel's acting career and she has been a bit successful in other action movies but has not been able to truly break out as the action heroine.
This movie is full of overacting but that it they type of movies that they are.  It focus on fights and the graphics are on par with Blade II. I have always kinda liked Parker Posey and she does play a convincing crazy lady but in this one she seemed to stumble around the fake vampire teeth and you can tell that she is talking with something in her mouth.  It doesn't detract from her fun character but is noticeable.  Wesley Snipes is not as badass or as svelte in this movie as in Blade II, which is surprising because it is only two years after the previous movie where he was the embodiment of that. I does seem like he kept up his exercise routine.  There were still some moments of the Blade poses but there were not so much the focus on this.  There is a nice swordfight between Blade and Drake.

My Rating: 2

Hold up Rating: Similar to Blade II. They computers are slightly out of date and the special effects are a bit obvious now.  It could be because of the high definition television I watched it on, and I still don't like how they show the vampires turning to dust or being attracted by the vaporized virus at the end. 

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