Sunday, October 20, 2013

Daybreakers (2009): Recap & Review

A few days ago my brother and sister were talking about the movie Daybreakers (2009) and talking about how they had liked but as I hadn't seen it yet, I couldn't contribute to the discussion.  Because my sister really likes it and I remember wanting to see it back when it came out I decided it was time to go ahead and watch it.  This movie falls into the genera of scary movies that I tend to prefer, which is more of a horror thriller then a true horror movie,  I am not a fan of really scary movies and the ones I do tend to watch I prefer to have been more vampire, zombie, demon, witches kind of scary. 
Anyway I was pleasantly surprised with this movie and liked it pretty well.  It wasn't the best of these that I had seen but I liked how it took a different spin on the standard vampire movie.
Daybreakers stars Ethan Hunt as Ed, a vampire to who is a hematologist who works for a company that is trying to find a recipe for synthetic blood because the blood supply for the world full of vampires is getting very close to being gone.  In this world, the majority of everyone has been turned into a vampire and humans are almost completely extinct, although there are small groups still in hiding and on the run. There is a focus in the movie of the rationing of blood to the vampire populating and how vampires who are deprived of blood (or drink other vampire blood) turn into these rabid creatures. Ed is working for Charles Bromley, played by Sam Neil, who is just out to make money and who's company had been farming humans for blood, but is in dire need to create this blood substitute both for their own profit and to save the vampire population.  Ed is conflicted about killing humans and ultimately would love a cure, and he come to the aid of a group a humans, led by Audrey played by Claudia Karvan, who believes that Ed can help them save humans. Ed befriends Audrey where he gets to meet vampire turned back human Elvis, played by William Dafoe, who was cured of his vampirism quite by accident.  Together the three of them fight to get the cure to work, all the while being hunted by Bromley and Ed's military brother Frankie, played by Michael Dorman.
I liked this movie and the different spin that they had on the standard vampire movie.  I how they put the pieces together, although some of them were pretty predictable.  This movie kept my interest throughout, but I thought there were too many notes within the story.  The sidebar about Bromley's daughter was unnecessary and I think there was too much detail of information given on the news and television that could have easily been put out there in another way.  This deterred a little from the flow of the movie and at time was a bitt confusing. I don't think having the senator was necessary as well.
This movie does have the gore factor and has a lot of blood in it.  Whenever anyone is bitten there is a lot of blood, there is also lot of people blowing up, vampires being burned, and people being ripped apart. 
Like I said this was a nice vampire horror thriller and to anyone who tends to like these I would recommend seeing it because it has a nice spin on the story but still sticking to the basic wants in these types of movies (i.e gore, shooting guns at each other, etc). The main negative being there isn't really anyone worth ogling over.

My Rating: 3-

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