Saturday, October 19, 2013

Escape Plan (2013): Review

This morning I went and saw Escape Plan and I am glad to say that I quite enjoyed it and it was basically what I was expecting.  I have come to discover that I really like these action type movies with the older action stars.  It is fun to watch them still try and be all tough but obviously not be anywhere near as agile as they were twenty years ago.   This movie was pretty predictable but I thought it was a fun ride.
Escape Plan is the new Sylvester Stallone movie but this time he co stars with Arnold Schwarzenegger, it brings what was teased at in the Expendable movies a full blown collaboration between these two eighties action megastars.  In Escape Plan Stallone plays Ray Breslin, a man who makes his living by breaking out a prisons.  He goes in with an alias and made up back story and then spends his time figuring out how to break out and eventually doing just that.  Like he explains in the movie, it takes three things to break out of a prison, knowing the layout, knowing the routine, and having help from inside or out.  Breslin is then hired for a job to go into a maximum prison that if off the radar in order to show that it is break out proof.  When he gets there he discovers that things are not what they seem and that the people who paid for him to get in there actually wanted him to be buried and never get out.  This prison was designed and is run by Warden Hobbs, played by Jim Caviezel, who is a studier of Breslin's book and worked to make this prison escape proof.  While inside Breslin meets and befriends Rottmayer, played by Schwarzenegger, who decides to help Breslin escape.  The question is can these two escape from this prison that is supposed to be escape proof?
I really enjoyed this movie and it was a fun, yet overall predictable movie.  There are twists and turns many of which go along with the situation that Breslin is in an environment that he cant predict what is coming next.  I would have liked it if there was a little more questioning about who was with who, in references to allegiance, but there is one thing toward the end that I liked and was kept pretty much under wraps. I liked the interplay between Stallone and Schwarzenegger and I think that they played well off each other.  Stallone keeping Schwarzenegger from going to camp and Schwarzenegger helping Stallone not go to OTT serious.  Stallone was his basis old tough guy that he has been playing in a lot of his movies lately but I liked how in this one he struggles at times and it wasn't so much about brute strengths, as he is getting older in years.  I really like Schwarzenegger and how he was somewhat serious but still had a lot of fun with this role.  I especially like the moment where he played going crazy when in the hole and when he was being a smart ass toward Warden Hobbs.  Basically I think that for the type of movie it was it was well casts and all the actors complimented each other.
This movie was a fun action-y movie, it is not so much an action movie as some of the other Stallone movies of recent past but it still had some shoot-um-up moments, but had enough of a plot to keep me interested, it did drag on in a moment or two but it was not that bad.  This movie is worth a watch.

My Rating: 2
My Enjoyment Rating: 3

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