Friday, December 7, 2012

Lincoln (2012): Review

Tonight for my Friday night movie I saw Lincoln, which follows President Abraham Lincoln, played by Danial Day Lewis, from his re-election in 1864 through the vote of the 13 amendment into the Constitution of the United States.  I was excited to see this movie and had been waiting a couple of weeks since its release to see it.  I hate to say that I was disappointed throughout the film and at several points was bored.  I kept waiting for the movie to get going and have something that keep my attention within the story.  There were several places that could have gone somewhere interesting that would have made the movie more entertaining to watch, as the basic story line had lots of promise. This movie should have been slightly shorter with less focus on so many supporting characters.
The bright spot in this movie was Danial Day Lewis, who transformed himself into President Abraham Lincoln.  His character was developed and interesting to watch.  At times, I found myself caught up in his stories, only to be disappointed once again as the movie moved away away from Lincolns experiences.  Mr. Lewis was able connect on scene with his children and I found myself seeing the interpretation of a father during scenes with his sons, but felt that the relationship between him and his wife Mary (Sally Field) could have been more natural.
Overall, I was disappointed in a film that could have been great, if it moved at a better pace.  The cinematography was well done and visually it felt true to the grit of the time.

My Rating: 1+

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