Friday, December 21, 2012

Monster's Inc 3D: Review

Tonight I went to see Monster's Inc 3D which is the newley released 3D version of the 2001 movie staring the voices of John Goodman as Sulley, Billy Chrystal as Mike Wazowski, and Steve Buscemi as Randall.  The movie follows Sulley, the top scarer at Monster's Incorporated, and his best friend Mike.  Sulley and Mike get caught up in the diabolical plot of Randall to kidnap children, who's screams are used power the city. Sulley and Mike unwillingly become the protectors of Boo, a human child, who is targeted by Randell's to be his first test subject.
I first saw Monster's Inc back when it came out in 2001 and really loved it and it was a common occurrence for me to watch this movie throughout my time in college. I even had a remote controlled Mike Wazowski, which I gladly ran up and down my dorm hallway. I have been excited for the 3D version of this movie since I first heard it was coming out in 3D, as it meant that I would be able to see it on the big screen again. All I have to say is that I think I enjoy this movie more and more every time that I see it
The 3D was a little distracting as the movie started in with the into, and the animation was a little dated. But as the movie started to really get going, I was drawn into the world of Monstropolis. To me, it seemed like the 3D added a lot of depth to the movie landscape and this was used to great effect during the door chase scene. The large scope of the storage room seemed extremely vast and was improved upon with the use of the 3D. On the big screen I was able to noticed details that I had not in the past, such as Mike has freckles, and the ridiculously complex intricacy of Sulley's computer generated fur. 
I would recommend anyone who had a joy for this movie to go see it again in 3D and to any family's with younger children.
Monster's Inc. remains one of my favorite Pixar movies.

My rating: 3-
My nostalgic rating: 3+

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