Monday, December 17, 2012

Star Trek: Into Darkness: Trailer 2 Released

The last few weeks have been very exciting for Star Trek fans, the first poster for Star Trek: Into Darkness was published, the initial teaser trailer was released, a nine minute prologue was shown, and now the second teaser trailer has been released.

Watch below

So what do we know; we know that at some point Captain Kirk will be making choices that may or may not result in a crew members death ("everyone under your command killed"). We know that all of the main cast members are featured in moments of strife and are struggling to get through some type of destruction. That there will be space battles, a volcano planet, and sexual tension between Spock and Uhura.
There is continued debate over who the villain will be. There are hints that it will be Khan ("you think you're're not") but there is enough will it be/ wont it be that you cannot be sure. There has even been more options added to the mix. I am hoping for Khan, because that would be awesome!

I know that I am getting seriously excited and do not want to wait until the movie's release on May 17, 2013. But I will have to wait while trying to decipher the bread crumbs, the J.J Abrams will be sure to leave, to discover what is really going to happen.

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