Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Year in Movies: Family & Children

There were five new releases I saw this which I would classify as family affair or a children's movie.  I enjoyed all of them.  They were all very enjoyable and what you would expect for a family friendly film.  I few hidden jokes for the adults, some seeking of self and purpose, as well as just a hint of danger.

Brave- I liked this movie, but it was not what I was expected going in. I expected to see the classic girl and boy fall in love fairy tale, but instead it was focused around the relationship between a mother and daughter as the daughter moves into adult hood.  I was really glad that I saw this with my Mom and think that it is worth seeing for mother and daughter's of any age.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island- This is the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth but with The Rock instead of Brendan Fraser.  It was enjoyable but nothing over the top, as it is a family movie.  It has Josh Hutcherson before he really broke out in The Hunger Games and I consider it good Family Fluff for the younger action lover.

Mirror, Mirror- This was the other Snow White movie that came out this year, and I think that it was by far much better.  It embraced the camp and overtly costumed factor and I liked the switch up of Snow White being the hero and Prince Charming as the lad in need of a rescue. 

Monster's Inc 3D- This was the 3D re-release of Monster's Inc, a new trend in movies, leading up to Monster's University being released in 2013.  I loved seeing this movie on the big screen as it is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and I feel that it has held up through the decade since it was released.

Rise of the Guardians-  I loved this movie and it is on my list of movies to buy once it comes out.  I liked the reluctant hero in Jack Frost and many people can relate to the desire to know who you are, while going back into your childhood fantasies of Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy.

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