Monday, January 7, 2013

The Impossible (2012): Review

I first saw the preview for The Impossible a few weeks ago and I wanted to see it.  I searched to see when it was showing and was disappointed to see that the closest showing was either in Canada or Chicago.  I wasn't going to travel that far, and was really disappointed.  I was glad when I found that it was just in limited early release.
So this weekend I went and saw The Impossible and I absolutely loved it.  The Impossible is the true life story of a family who suffered through the December 26, 2006 Tsunami.  It stars Naomi Watts (Maria) and Ewan McGregor (Henry) who are a married couple with three young sons who are vacationing in Thailand.  They are out by the pool when the Tsunami hits and Maria is swept away with her eldest son, Lucas.  They struggle to survive the aftermath of the Tsunami where Maria was injured.  Although this story is based on a Spanish family, for the film the family is British.
Right from the beginning, I was drawn into the family and liked how they interacted with each other.  They seem like they really are a family, and that they are on a normal vacation.  As they are trust into this tragic survival scenario, I am drawn into their struggles and rooting for them to survive. I cried throughout this movie, but there were some great scenes between these moments.  I think that it was wonderfully acted and the interactions between all members of the family felt genuine.  This is one of the best movies I have seen in a while.

My Rating: 4

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