Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Warm Bodies Trailer

This weekend the movie Warm Bodies comes out.  It is about a world infested with two types of Zombies, those who look like your standard slow moving, movie zombie and the faster moving, more vicious Bonies. Based on the trailer the Bonies are attracted to people because of their beating hearts (so are the Zombie creatures).  This story follows a Zombie (R) who starts to become more human due to sexual attraction and forming a relationship with a human.  I am looking forward to seeing if this concept is pulled off.  I think it is focusing on the comedy aspect.  We shall see.

Also available to watch are the first four minutes of the movie, which goes into more detail about the set up

What I have discovered:  There is a continuous voice over by the main Zombie, referred to as R, and he is talking about his day as it is to him.  That he doesn't remember his name, doesn't know much about himself but that he wishes to connect with others but cant because of the whole Zombie things.  It explains how the Bonies are created and that they are Zombies that give up and just become these creatures. 
I hope the the whole movie doesn't follow this slow of a pace and I think I will get sick of the voice over.  Hopefully it will pick up steam after the basic set up of the first few minutes. Turn in for my review over the weekend.

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