Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Parker Trailer

This weekend, the newest Jason Stathum movie Parker is being released.  See trailer here:

In Parker, Jason Stathum played the title character who is a thief with a set of rules.  Your standard criminal with a code that he wont break.  He is of course, is double crossed by the team that hires him, lead by Michael Chiklis. After failing to kill Parker, he decides to seek revenge and get back the money that is owed him. He plans to do this by letting them steal something big and then stealing it from them (I am assuming people will get their butts kicked by Stathum during this part).  To get an insider's view of what is being planned he get the help of Jennifer Lopez, who agrees to help him in order to get a cut of the money.  She will undoubtedly be the romantic interest of Stathum as it appears this is Jennifer Lopezs return to her sex siren role.  She has probably been waiting to get back at Chiklis due to some minimally fleshed out back story. 
Anyway, Parker seems to be a stereotypical action flick, but I am hoping is it full of lot of fights, shoot outs, and that it keeps me entertained throughout.  This is the type of film that I tend to enjoy, assuming they don't do something to irritate me.

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