Saturday, January 26, 2013

Parker (2013): Review

Parker is a standard action movie, where there is nothing spectacular about it, but it keeps you going with the set up and fight sequences throughout.  It was good for what it is, an action movie released during award season, but it is better then the other movies released this weekend.
Parker, starts Jason Stathum as the title character, who is a thief who was double crossed by the team he works with to hit up the Ohio State Fair.  After coming away with the money and refusing to put the money in the kitty for the next big job the team of four, lead by Michael Chiklis, they decided to kill him.  Having failed to do this, Parker decides to seek revenge against them and steal their next score.  While doing this he runs into Jennifer Lopez's character, who felt like she was there only for a female presence. She was not the love interest that I was expecting, but that doesn't stop a scene where she gets into her undies. As the movie progresses, it is sprinkled with action and fight scenes that keep me interested and the plot movie along.  The plot was simplistic, but this wasn't expected.  All in all it was a fair action movie, with the focus on Stathum who seems to be the go to action guy right now.  I like him in this role.

My Rating: 2-

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