Friday, January 18, 2013

The Last Stand (2013): Review

When I was watching The Last Stand, there were parts that I really enjoyed and that met my expectations for this movie, but there were parts that I just wanted the movie to get through and get back to the over the top action and ridiculousness of Arnold Schwarzenegger back in film.  I think that overall it was what I expected, which was lots of shooting and violence (this was mainly in gun form), Arnold kicking some butt but not pretending that he is still a spring chicken, a huge focus on the guns, and how a few people with limited artillery can take out a trained criminal crew. I was kinda disappointed that there was no obviously Terminator reference but this wasn't that big of a letdown.
It almost seemed that this was two separate movies/storylines that never really gelled together.  The first one was awesome in an over the top, action and gun kind of way.  There was also a cast that were perfect for this type of B action movie.  It stared Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Sheriff of a small town on the boarder of Mexico, who get drawn into a fight for his town. This happens when a villain, who will kill someone as well as look at them, wants to make a way for an escaped convict to get across the Mexican boarder.  The Sheriff is assisted by the wacky townsfolk, which include Johnny Knoxville and Luis Guzm├ín. This part was great and if it was the main focus on the movie, and focused on a better villain then the escaped convict, it would have been so ridiculously over the top that it was awesome.  Alas, there was then the second storyline in the movie, which focused on Forrest Whitaker's FBI agent, who is unable to keep tabs on the convict or do anything that does anything to help keep and capture the convict.  Whenever Forrest Whitaker was on screen, he overacted and it detracted from the movie.  It went from being the golden tones of the Sheriff's town to the greys of the incompetent agents that just are complaining, yet not doing anything to assist in the plot.
Besides my dislike of this second storyline I like the movie and there were some great points, and the characters were able to get me to relate and want them to succeed. I recommend this just for people who like action movies that just rely on over the top violence and wacky characters.

My Rating: 1+

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