Saturday, August 3, 2013

2 Guns (2013): Review

Earlier today I went and Saw 2 Guns with the family and it was a pretty good action movie.  I think this was the first movie in a while that all of us agreed on being pretty good and that includes my mom actually liking an action movie.  Although I enjoyed this movie I do not think that it was the best I have ever scene but I have decided that Mark Wahlberg has grown on me as an actor.
2 Guns is the story of Bobby, played by Denzel Washington, and Stig, played by Mark Wahlberg, who get caught up in a plot that they are not expecting.  Bobby is an undercover DEA agent and he helps Stig, who turns out to be an undercover Navy marksmen who get manipulated into stealing over 43 million dollars from a CIA slush fund that they think is a 2 million cash stash from a Mexican Drug Lord.  They discover that they have been set up and have to work together to try and get out of the mess they are in.
Like I stated before, Mark Wahlberg has grown on me as an actor in the type of role he played in this movie.  Where he is a slightly OTT comic character that is basically a caricature and it seems like he is just having fun playing this character.  This type of OTT acting I like, where it is done over the top but slightly held back with a wink and nod to the audience that they know they are being ridiculous but are doing it for the fun of it and the fun of playing that character. Denzel Washington was fine but he is on of those actors that I have difficulty seeing blend into the character instead of seeing it as Denzel Washington.  I liked the supporting cast as well and especially Bill Paxton as the CIA agent.
The plot kept the movie going and as my mother stated "I didn't get bored" throughout it, but for me it seemed a bit too much thrown into it but with it still being pretty simplistic.  It seemed like there were things that they were trying to keep in suspense but either through the trailers or through what happened in the movie it wasn't that big of a deal.  It could have worked better at either trying to keep things as suspenseful or giving up the suspense and just going with having it be a fun ride.  I think with Mark Wahlberg's character it was a fun ride and I liked how he interacted with all of the other characters.
This movie is worth seeing if you like action movies that keep the pace up and have a pretty ridiculous plot as well as lots of stuff being blown up and people being shot with no real regards for characters being killed off.

My Rating: 2+

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