Friday, August 30, 2013

Jobs (2013): Review

This afternoon I went and saw Jobs, a movie that focuses on the life and work of Steven Jobs, one of the founding fathers of Apple Computers.  This movie starts Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and starts with him introducing the ipod to his employees and then jumps back to when he was in college in the seventies.  It shows him as a person not that easy to get along with and who wanted to forge his own path. It shows the relationship he had with Steve Wozniak, when Jobs was working at Atari and how these two men came together with the idea to form Apple.  It shows them working in Job's parents garage and how they got an investor to actually turn their start up into company. It jumps to different points in Job's career, to him working on LISA, the Macintosh computer, his booting out of the company, and eventually how he was sought out to save Apple. It ends with him once again gaining control of the company.  During this time, it did show how he was not the best father, or friend.
This movie seemed very slow paced and I hate to say rather boring.  It had an uphill battle to begin with, as movies that span over large amounts of time are hard to keep movie and make sense through the jumps in time.  After the time of sitting through the whole things, I was disappointed that it didn't even close the full circle with the development of the ipod. It stops when he gets control back of the company.  It felt very anti-climatic and unfinished. 
To me, it seemed like this movie tried really hard but it just didn't reach the mark. There was nothing really horrible about it, I liked the sets and it had a realness to the sets and cinematography that worked for the type of drama it is, but like I said earlier it was basically boring.  I think that Ashton Kutcher tried really hard to embody Jobs and although he did an alright job, I could see him acting, he didn't just blend into the character, it was him acting the character. This also may have been due to the underwhelming script as well.
Basically this movie is hard to get through because it does nothing to grab you and doesn't really feel like you got anywhere at the end.  Not worth the money to watch which is disappointing because the history of it is quite interesting and effects our lives today with the technology produced.

My Rating: 1

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