Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paranoia (2013): Review

This morning I went to see Paranoia and although it seemed to try to get to the psychological, it didn't really grasp a feeling of paranoia, either for the audience or the actors in the movie. Paranoia starts Liam Hemsworth as Adam Cassidy, a young man who wants to make it big in the technology field but he get pulled into a game of corporate espionage by Nicolas Wyatt, played by Gary Oldman, who bribes Adam into working for the competition Jack Goodard, played by Harrison Ford.  The basis for this movie is pretty flimsy and seemed to be a movie that I have seen before.  Nothing seemed original or that interesting, nothing was particularly horrible but this type of movie has been done before and done better.
As I was watching this movie, it seemed like it never really picked up steam or did anything exciting or suspenseful.  I think that it was suppose to have you get into the head of Adam and all that he is doing, but it doesn't really do this, there are a few moments where it hits on the you are always being monitored or tracked through technology but this seems to be more of an afterthought. 
I found that the focus of the movie was weird and at times it seemed like it was doing things just to show off the attractiveness of Liam Hemsworth.  I don't get why there were multiple scenes toward the beginning of the movie where he was scantily clad (shirtless, in the shower, with just a towel) as to me this movie is not one that was aimed for the female population.  Sure he is good looking and might want to try and get the heartthrob tittle that his brother holds, but a movie with a limited, mostly male demographic isn't really the movie to do it in.  To be honest it seemed like the moments where the superfluous female would normally be the scantily clad one.  I just didn't get it, but it could also be that he just isn't my favorite actor of the moment.
Basically there was nothing special, innovative, or original about this movie, it seemed like it was just a rehash of other movies I have watched, and I am getting tired of all these movies that are just slightly different but basically inter-changeable.

My Rating: 1

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